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The Cercle Spirite Allan Kardec, branch of Belfort-Montbéliard, is organizing a public conference on Saturday November 26, 2022 at 2:30 p.m., Maison du Peuple, place de la Résistance in Belfort (90000) on the theme: “The world of tomorrow in the light of spiritualism. »

It will be based on the book of the same title published in 2020 and which develops the following themes: major societal issues (euthanasia, abortion, suicide, sexuality, genetic manipulation, etc.), them major economic issues, social and policies in our time, environmental issues and finally, to a new more participatory society with the deepening of democracy.

This conference will be presented by 2 of the 3 co-authors of the book, Colombe JACQUIN and Jacques PECCATTE, and will deal with a few points mentioned above.

If spiritism is neither an esoteric movement nor a religion, on the other hand it is defined as science and philosophy.

The philosophical aspect applies to all metaphysical principles concerning the existence of God, the survival of the spirit after death, the possibility of communicating with spirits through mediums, reincarnation and the plurality of inhabited worlds. The philosophical aspects are also all the points concerning ethics and morality, on which there is much to say in terms of spiritualist teaching.

Insofar as spiritualism since its origins with Allan Kardec, has always claimed the great ideals of humanism, we must take up all the principles of freedom, equality, justice and peace, to define always a little more , the spiritualist option taking into account the creative divine force at the origin of all the natural laws of the Universe. One of these laws is this: the being is destined to reincarnate a certain number of times, to evolve intellectually and morally, and this, not only on Earth but then on other inhabited worlds which are more advanced. than ours. So, from this simple perspective for our tomorrows, on Earth or elsewhere, the issues that concern us can be seen differently. We do not approach the questions of the future in the same way, depending on whether we are an atheist, a materialist or a spiritualist believer, and even more so when we are a spiritualist. From his awareness of the evolving terrestrial world, the spiritualist holds true hope for the possibilities of our planet’s metamorphosis. It proposes innovative ideas as to the organization of societies based on love and solidarity, in the perspective of a socialism with a human face, a contemporary formula, but which also joins the principles claimed by our precursors, at the example of Léon Denis who, a socialist in his own way, referred to the great ideals of his contemporary Jean Jaurès, it being understood that Jaurès was also an eminent spiritualist philosopher.

At a time when we are all experiencing major global disorders, faced with an anachronistic war, faced with the urgency of global warming which would impose immediate large-scale measures, the point of view of the Spirits is very important, because even he does not give ready-made solutions, he leads us to better understand the forces of our acting thoughts. It is about the action of the mind on matter, an action which could be added to all the solutions sought in a more pragmatic way by our scientists. In addition, the spiritist point of view, if it joins that of other humanists, has the particularity of carrying an additional hope, that of the existence of another world which tries to guide us towards good directions. The human is not alone with himself, in which he can always find new reasons to fight against all adversities.

A debate will follow as well as a signing session of the book “The world of tomorrow in the light of spiritualism” by the 2 speakers.

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Conference on Spiritism: The world of tomorrow in the light of Spiritism, Conferences Belfort – La Maison du Peuple: date, times, prices

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