China may have discovered extraterrestrial signals!

News hardware China may have discovered extraterrestrial signals!

A Chinese report unveiled a few days ago, and which has since mysteriously disappeared, suggested that the giant Sky Eye telescope had detected radio signals probably coming from an “extraterrestrial civilization”. The mystery is complete!

“We are not alone !” This sentence, you have necessarily already heard it at the turn of a film or a conversation and remains as much a great mystery for all space enthusiasts and lovers of science fiction.

It’s a bit like reincarnation or the weather (no relation to sauerkraut, we agree), everyone often has a clear-cut opinion on the matter and unfortunately, for lack of tangible proof, it still and always comes down to this day of the realm of the extraordinary and of fantasy. And it’s very good like that!

Imagine, we finally discover other guys like us somewhere in the galaxy… What do we do with all our films that talk about little green and blue men with pointy ears, who fly or dream of invading us?!

In short, we are digressing, but the surveillance of space and the search for extraterrestrial activity remains an activity in its own right for many governments and China is obviously one of them.

That is why, in 2016, Beijing embarked on the construction of a giant FAST-type telescope for “Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope” or in French “Spherical Radiotelescope of five hundred meters of aperture” and which bears the pretty little nickname of “Sky Eye”.

Located in the province of Guizhou, this huge machine spends its days and nights scanning the sky in order to pick up narrowband electromagnetic signals in order to prove, or not, the presence of some form of extraterrestrial intelligence.

In operation since 2020 after just under 4 years of construction, Sky Eye watches the sky relentlessly and recently a report appeared in an official Chinese newspaper, before disappearing without a trace, mentioning “several possible cases of technological traces coming from extraterrestrial civilizations”.

It was enough to shake the international scientific community and demand an explanation from Beijing, which, as you can imagine, did not comment on the information, neither in one direction nor in the other…

China may have discovered extraterrestrial signals!

So what really happened? Does China have tangible evidence of extraterrestrial presence in the universe?

As often in these cases, the community is divided, divided, torn… And if the info is deemed “interesting”, the most eminent experts rely instead on simple radio interference…

Much less sexy all of a sudden, if that’s the case, we understand better why China made this embarrassing report disappear and which could make Chinese specialists pass for amateurs… Which Beijing obviously can’t bring itself to accept. So, no report, no question, no alien, no problem…

Unless the truth is elsewhere…

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China may have discovered extraterrestrial signals!

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