Carhaix – In Carhaix, the Arc-en-ciel troupe is (finally) preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary

His passion for singing does not date from today. As far back as she can remember, Marie Cochennec has always sung. A dada that even brought it to national screens. In 1997, at the age of 16, the Carhaisienne participated in the telecrochet Graines de star, on M6. “I remember the two days of filming in Paris. It was really nice,” she says. She will record a model of seven songs, before chaining several other castings: Pop Stars in Poitiers and The new star in Rennes. If she ultimately did not make a career, the quadra today self-employed real estate agent has never given up. She still sings, especially in the dance group Les Peps. And above all, she continues to transmit her flame, for 20 years, to the young people of the Arc-en-ciel troupe.

“I was offered lyrical singing! »

At the origin of the adventure, a frustration. “I used to sing, but there weren’t really any singing lessons in Carhaix twenty years ago,” she says. I was offered lyrical singing! “. Never mind, Marie brings together a dozen young people in a garage in the Peupliers district. “We ended up putting on a little show, and the numbers kept growing,” she recalls. The show will be presented at the Glenmor, in 2001, mainly in front of the children’s parents. But from the following year, stage fright quickly assailed the young artists. “People were queuing outside the Glenmor, and the room was completely filled,” confirms Marie.

Since then, the annual meeting has become a staple of the Carhaisian cultural scene, at least until the pandemic, which required a break for two years, causing a drop in the workforce. “From about sixty members, we are now only about thirty, but we like challenges and anyone who wants to can join us,” confides Marie.

They are, on the job side, accountant and real estate agent. But outside, Marie Jacq (on the left) and Marie Cochennec are the two pilots of the Arc-en-ciel troop, which they have animated with passion for years. (The Telegram/Jean-Noël Potin)

Michael Jackson Reincarnated

For the dance part, Marie Cochennec is notably supported by Marie Jacq, who joined the troupe at the age of 8. “I was doing belly dancing when I joined Arc-en-ciel,” she says. Marie Cochennec, meanwhile, is in charge of the story of the show, the songs and the staging. The singers and dancers, aged 8 to 40, are increasing their long rehearsals as May 14 approaches. “It’s a musical that we should have presented in 2020, for our 20th birthday, but the story remained the same”, specifies Marie. Without revealing too much, let’s say that it tells a reincarnation of Michael Jackson.

“No teasing! »

Over the years, the troupe has been emulated. “It’s like a drug, they start very young and they stay with us,” explains Marie. Mila, 14, emphasizes the “good atmosphere. Everyone is nice! “Élodie, who joined the troop from the start, welcomes “that here, there is no room for mockery. We even welcome children with disabilities and that does it”. Hugo, 16, says he managed to overcome his shyness thanks to this activity. The beautiful stories follow one another, like the soul singer Angie, who is now making a career, and who spent nearly 10 years at Arc-en-ciel.

The icing on the cake, Marie managed to transmit the virus to her children. Thomas was part of the troupe for a long time, and Jade, 8, has already announced that she intends to “take over” from her mother. Succession is assured!


Show by the Arc-en-ciel troupe, Saturday, May 14, at 8:30 p.m., in the large amphitheater of Espace Glenmor. Reservations possible at the Glenmor and at the cultural space of the Center Leclerc in Carhaix. Prices: 5-12 years, €4; from 12 years old, 6 €. Such. 06 62 41 39 34.

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Carhaix – In Carhaix, the Arc-en-ciel troupe is (finally) preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary

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