Best Cult of the Lamb doctrine, which ones to choose?

In Cult of the Lamb, you will be able to unlock doctrines in order to benefit from bonuses for your community. We tell you how to get them.

Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike, but is also a game of survival and to ensure the well-being of your community, you will be able to recover Divine Inspiration to choose improvements for your base, but also choose doctrines to take advantage of different bonuses.

Some of these Doctrines are better than others so we are going to provide you with a list of the best Doctrines and how to unlock them.

How do I unlock Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb?

If you want to unlock new doctrines in Cult of the Lamb, you are going to have to collect three pieces of Command Stone to get a Command Stone. These pieces are given to you by your followers as soon as they gain a level. So here are the best doctrines by type. It should be noted that they are put in the order in which you will be able to unlock them.

To be able to adopt a doctrine, you will have to obtain a stone of command and click on the “Crown” option within your temple.


  • Creed: Reincarnation – Cult members lose 5 faith instead of 20 when a follower dies
  • Ritual of resurrection – Bring a follower back to life
  • Belief: Respect for Elders – Cult members gain 5 faith for each aging follower
  • mourn the dead – Unlock tombs to gain 2 faith when followers gather near a tomb

work and prayer

  • Adulation – Cult members generate 15% more devotion
  • Inspiration – Allows you to inspire a follower to greatly increase their loyalty. Replaces the bless action
  • Ritual of awakening – Increases Altar Devotion generation speed by 20% for 3 days
  • Ritual of effort – Your followers will work 2 whole days without getting tired, even at night


  • Bribe – Allows you to give 3 coins to a follower in order to increase their loyalty
  • Creed: Materialism – Your followers gain faith when you build better resting places
  • Ritual of Greed – Your followers give you coins
  • Devotion – Your followers gain 15 faith when you deliver a sermon

Preserve the order

  • Ascension Ritual – Allows you to sacrifice a cult member so your followers gain loyalty
  • Wedding ritual – Allows you to marry one of your followers and gain 30 faith
  • Creed: Absolution – You gain 10 faith every day if no follower is in jail
  • Keep the faith – Ritual to appoint a Faith Guard. It will monitor the cult and increase the loyalty of other cult members


  • fasting ritual – Followers will not eat for 3 days
  • Vegetarianism – Followers no longer lose faith when eating herbal dishes
  • Ocean Ritual – Allows you to double the number of fish caught for two days and increase the chance of catching special fish
  • Addiction – Followers gain 20 Faith when doing the Brainwashing Ritual

Of course, depending on the course of your game, you may want to take other doctrines, but the ones we recommend are optimal in order to gain maximum faith and loyalty from your community. You will also enjoy a very good source of food thanks to the fishing ritual and not spend a lot on food thanks to Vegetarianism, we advise you to unlock this doctrine as soon as possible since there is no shortage of herbs in the dungeons.

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Best Cult of the Lamb doctrine, which ones to choose?

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