Avatar 2: who is Kiri’s father, played by Sigourney Weaver in the film?

While she played Dr Grace Augustine in the first “Avatar”, Sigourney Weaver now plays Kiri, the latter’s teenage daughter in “The Way of the Water”. But who really is this mysterious character? Warning, spoilers!

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Twelve years ago, in James Cameron’s first Avatar, Sigourney Weaver played scientist Grace Augustine, a xenobotanist specializing in fauna and flora at Pandora who, after having studied the Na’vi culture for a long time, had more or less served as a mentor to Jake Sully, upon his arrival on the planet.

At the end of the film, after being mortally wounded by Colonel Quaritch – while the Omaticaya had tried in vain to transfer her consciousness into her avatar – Grace had unfortunately passed away, whispering to Jake that she was now close to ‘Eywa, the deity of the Na’vi, just before dying.

In Avatar: The Way of the Water, whose events take place more than a decade later, Sigourney Weaver is however back! If she briefly embodies Dr. Grace Augustine in rapid sequences of flashbacks or vision, she especially lends her features to Kiri, the latter’s teenage daughter.

As we learn at the beginning of this new film, the birth of this young Na’vi, adopted by the family of Jake and Neytiri, is a real mystery. Indeed, after the disappearance of Grace Augustine, the Na’vi envelope which had served as the scientist’s avatar, placed back in its tank, had inexplicably become pregnant, thus giving birth to Kiri.

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Endowed with extraordinary abilities and a very special link with the spirit of Eywa, the young girl (still played by Sigourney Weaver, therefore) is one of the great question marks of the feature film, including for her- even, who seeks to learn more about his mysterious origins.

How did she come to life? Who is his father ? Does she only have one? Until the rest of the saga comes to answer these questions, it’s a safe bet that the fans will take care of anticipating them by forging their own theories.

One can for example imagine that at her death, the spirit and the memory of Grace Augustine survived, not in her avatar, but within Eywa, just like the ancestors of the Omaticaya people who – as had explained Neytiri to Jake – “are [toujours] alive, and live in Eywa.”

Indeed, just before the final battle of the first Avatar began, Jake had prayed to the deity of Pandora to come to his aid, asking him to dig into the memories of the scientist to visualize the threat posed by the forces of the GDR:

“If Grace is with you, search her memory. There you will see the world we came from. A world without nature. They killed their mother.”

After coming into contact with the spirit of Grace, would Eywa have intervened herself to offer her a descendant (or a reincarnation) through her avatar? Kiri would therefore be born, in a way, from the immaculate conception, and from the union between Eywa and the spirit of her mother. A hypothesis that would explain its special connection with the divinity of Pandora.

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Like Anakin in the Star Wars saga – shaped by the Force and born of Schmi Skywalker – Kiri would therefore have no father, but would be promised an exceptional destiny. Perhaps she will even be considered the “Chosen One” of Pandora, who will restore balance to her planet, and work for peace between the Na’vi and humans.

A hypothetical destiny which could also end up at the antipodes of that of Spider, the young son of Quaritch who we can well imagine becoming a future antagonist in the Avatar saga.

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Avatar 2: who is Kiri’s father, played by Sigourney Weaver in the film?

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