Avatar 2: a trailer for the epic return of Pandora

Almost a month from its release in our dark rooms, Avatar: The Waterway finally unveils a splendid new trailer.

After proving he was still a phenomenon thirteen years later, Avatar will finally see its long-awaited sequel grace our big screens. Ultimate blockbuster of this end of the year 2022, Avatar: The Waterway will be longer than its predecessor and ever more ambitious. With the aim of throwing a stone into the pond of modern entertainment, the technological revolution of feature films will therefore very soon shake up our cinemas and try to break new records at the box office.

Although US estimates estimate thatAvatar 2 can’t beat the scores of Top Gun: Maverick, the exploits of the first film, even with its recent release, make all predictions uncertain. The wait is more and more unbearable and the impatience soon reaches its climax, as a second trailer has finally dropped to reveal new footage from the film.

Without it telling us too much about the plot of the feature film (even if we guess a traditional story of exodus and indigenous war), it is a new demonstration of force and visual creativity that is discovered in front of us. If we find – as if we had never left – the impressive Pandora of yesteryear, his believable yet spooky world now seems to have endless horizons. Between magnificent underwater explorations, bewildering aerobatics and diversity of landscapes as generous as they are numerically striking, Avatar 2 is confirmed, in a few shots, as a formidable evolution of the seventh art.

Some will probably already describe that, like the first film, this new installment in the franchise does not seem to invent anything narratively. However, although nothing concrete can be said yet, we can already estimate here that it is less the originality and the ingenuity of the story that will count in the film than the lyrical and mythological scope of its world and its characters. In the form of a dynastic, tribal and ecological epic, Avatar 2 offers itself with these new images, visual arguments to live up to the expectation it arouses.

Still a few sleeps before Avatar 2

We will also be surprised (but positively) by the crucial place that the new character of Sigourney WeaverKiri, in Avatar 2, as featured in this trailer. Eldest daughter of Jake Sully and Neytiri, the young Na’ vi seems connected to an overpowering heartbeat which should grant her a leading role (poetic or concrete) in the feature film.

Could she be linked to Doctor Grace Augustine (of whom she could be the reincarnation) or to a larger entity? To find out, as well as finally know the full extent of James Cameron’s new film, see you very soon in our cinemas, that is to say thenext December 14 in France.

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Avatar 2: a trailer for the epic return of Pandora

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