Astrology: all about karmic astrology and lunar nodes

If you are interested in astrology and other esoteric sciences, you may have heard of karmic astrology. Here is everything there is to know about karma, dharma and the lunar nodes.

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Where am I from? Where am I going ? Karmic astrology (not to be confused with classical astrology) could be summed up in the quest for answers to one’s questions. The esoteric practice, based on the philosophy of reincarnation, karma and dharma, is the study of past lives and their influence on the present life, in particular thanks to the lunar nodes, to arrive at the liberation of karmic tendencies. Discover everything there is to know about karmic astrology.

Karmic Astrology: The Basics

The so-called classic astrology is the study of the astral chart (or natal chart, that is to say the chart of the sky on the day of birth) to determine the character, the qualities and the faults of a person. Karmic astrology is the evaluation of the same horoscope in order to assess the impact of past lives on the current and future life of the person. It is therefore based on a basic belief: the philosophy of soul reincarnation and the influence of past lives on the present life. The idea is to determine the karmic tendencies, that is to say the processes coming from past lives and past acts reproduced unconsciously in the present life to, first, identify them, then understand them and, finally, free oneself. Karmic astrology relies on becoming aware of the biases acquired in past lives, of the realization of problematic behaviors, in order to detach oneself from them and rise, evolve. It is, in short, a look at the past to improve the present.

This is, according to Laurence Larzul, author of The ABCs of Karmic Astrologyof “decipher the karmic memories that are inscribed in you, to access the depths of the soul”. The study of past lives thanks to karmic astrology allows, according to what Laurence Larzul’s primer promises, to promote a better harmony between conscious and unconscious and thus reveal the deep meaning of your existence.”

Karmic Astrology: What is Karma?

To understand karmic astrology, one must understand the concept of karma. It is sort of a unconscious programming. In the Hindu and Buddhist religions, karma is the destiny of a living being (man or animal) resulting from his previous lives, from the errors and failures of previous lives which influence the current life. Karma represents everything an individual has done, is doing, and will do, without moral judgment. Be careful, do not confuse karma and fate. Indeed, it is not because reincarnation influences the being that we currently are, the life that we lead that we cannot change. The change, the awareness of the biases inherited from past lives and the work of liberation, is the dharma.

In the Hindu and Buddhist religions, karma is the destiny of a living being (man or animal) resulting from his past lives / Credit: Unsplash

Karmic Astrology: What is Dharma?

In karmic astrology, dharma corresponds to the potential for liberation. In Sanskrit language, dharma means “the purpose of life”. Indeed, the idea of ​​karmic astrology is to free oneself from karma and the influence of past lives, to evolve towards a state of total liberation to be entirely oneself.

Karmic astrology: the study of the lunar nodes

In classical astrology, we study the birth chart, that is to say the chart of the sky at the time of birth. Study that allows to determine the sun sign, the lunar sign, the ascendant, among other data. In karmic astrology, we will realize the karmic chart (equivalent to the astral chart) and we will especially be interested in the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes are virtual points in the sky map, corresponding to the intersections between the moon’s orbit around the Earth and the apparent orbit of the sun around the earth. There is the north node (or dragon head also called Rahu) and the south node (or dragon’s tail also called Ketu). The north node represents dharma, the south node represents karma.

As in classical astrology, the lunar nodes are associated with the twelve signs of the zodiac (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and the twelve houses. In the wheel of the zodiac, the north node and the south node face each other. If the North Node is Scorpio, then the South Node is necessarily Taurus or if the South Node is Gemini, the North Node is automatically Sagittarius, and vice versa.

Karmic astrology traces a life path, a trajectory to follow, from karma to dharma / Credit: Unsplash

The South Node: Karma

To return to the two questions that karmic astrology attempts to answer, the south node corresponds to the question: where do I come from? It represents karma, fate (in the suffered sense), past lives and the unconsciously acquired characters of one’s past lives. The south node therefore invites us to question ourselves about our behavior, to reflect on our actions and their conscious or unconscious reasons. And it shows us a direction, the north node, an axis to follow for evolution, liberation.

The North Node: Dharma

The north node corresponds to the question: where am I going? It represents dharma, the potential for liberation, destiny (in the chosen sense). It invites us to question ourselves about the person we want to be, without the pre-existing biases inherited from past lives, to get out of our comfort zone and to take risks in order to evolve. It is, in a way, a manual for personal development. However, it is important not to have a Manichean vision, to see the south and north nodes as good and evil, as past and present. The idea is not to reject the acquired characteristics of past lives but to understand and control them, to transform. And it’s the life path that’s important, the spiritual journey.

The idea of ​​karmic astrology is not to get rid of biases acquired in past lives, but to find a balance / Credit: Unsplash

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Several authors have written on karmic astrology, karma, dharma, and the lunar nodes. If you are interested in the subject, here is a bibliography that may be useful to you:

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Astrology: all about karmic astrology and lunar nodes

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