Artificial intelligence and reincarnation…

We continue in the counter philosophy with a reflection that I made while discussing with Charles. Basically, there are two currents of thought:

Hard-core scientists as well as non-believers and Zettitians who think that life, emotions, intelligence, consciousness, love are only natural, hormonal, electrical and mechanical reactions coded by DNA in the brain of any being of the animal or vegetable kingdom. Humans are smarter than computers because their brains are much more complex and faster. And soon with ultra-powerful quantum computers and “machine-learning“We will manage to create intelligence, even emotions, love and conscience by injecting a program that will learn on its own to become human… by copying the human.

And those who think that the body is only a more or less efficient vehicle according to the DNA in which a soul is reincarnated, and that it is the latter that animates this body by giving it a consciousness and everything that goes with. In the latter case, the soul chooses to be reincarnated in such and such a body and chooses its parents according to the experiences and lessons that it must learn on earth and teach its earthly surroundings. It is the concept of reincarnation and children who choose their parents. In addition, the vehicle is also more or less stubborn and difficult to control because it is subject to a whole host of earthly temptations. These difficulties are part of the experience that the soul must learn, experience, the earth being only a kind of virtual game in which the souls dream and where they wake up when the vehicle dies .

No judgment on my part about these two proposals, they are still debated at the scientific and philosophical level and I will be careful not to affirm anything. On the other hand, I have my own beliefs, I am in camp number two and imagine that there is a dimension that human technologies cannot and should not be able to measure.

This is where we come to artificial intelligence. If we start from the principle that all human sensitivity, consciousness comes from the incarnation of a soul in a vehicle, then for a computer to become intelligent, human in some way, a soul would have to agree to embody in it. And that my friends… it is not won. Imagine that high-level scientists manage to create an ultra-powerful quantum computer, what soul would like to incarnate in it to animate it? Is it even compatible? Would that be authorized by the omnipotence that governs the universe? What kind of unconditional love can one experience by incarnating in such a powerful computer?

What incantations, sorcery, sacrifices or pact the powerful of this world should invoke, commit or promise to a soul or an entity so that it agrees to incarnate there?

This computer having no pineal gland, it will never be able to send messages into the universe through his soul, he will never be able to use the laws of attraction, he has no transgenerational, he has no past… In short, he will never be not connected to the only social network that makes men connected together: The universe. And I’m convinced that it doesn’t take a lot of computing power to teach a computer to copy human behavior. It just takes a good machine learning program and millions of hours of interactivity with humans to know how to mimic a human. But… it will never be human because it will be impossible to have real emotions or to love. It will only copy behaviors. I’m sure there are computers much more powerful than the brain of a bee, and yet no soul has incarnated there, whereas a bee has a soul. It may only be a very young soul, but like all creations of nature, it is animated by a soul. And a bee is much more powerful than a computer and will know how to survive in nature, whereas a computer or a robot will only last as long as its batteries are empty.

Remember that experiments where scientists mixed all the ingredients and building blocks of life in test tubes and expected it to come like this, mechanically out of nowhere never got very far.

In my opinion, all this is not won, and even if it were possible, I bet that no computer can ever be human, because it is not the computing power that makes the human, or intelligence in general, it is the will of a soul to incarnate itself in a living organism, be it a plant, an animal or a man.

To go further, we could also think of transhumanism and those who would like to download the contents of their brain into a computer. I don’t think that will be possible because as much as we can electronically copy the structure of the human brain, I’m not sure that the soul will follow. We’ll end up with an empty vehicle.

Same thing for those who are cryogenized a few seconds after their death to be thawed in a future where it will be possible to resuscitate them to treat the disease that took them away. Once dead, the soul leaves the vehicle and returns to the source. Even if it has already happened that we resuscitate people who have been dead for a few seconds, even a few minutes, not sure that she waits like that for years for us to resuscitate the body, everything rots to pick up where we left off. was arrested.

Same for teleportation. Will the soul follow the vehicle if one day we manage to disintegrate a human being atom by atom, pass it via a beam of information to the other end of the universe to reconstruct it.

And you? What do you think ? Skynet?

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Artificial intelligence and reincarnation…

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