Apocalypse in the heads

In the spring of 1994, in a bookstore in the center of Grenoble, I came across “The Reappearance of Christ and the Masters of Wisdom” by the Scottish Benjamin Creme. (a book published in London in 1980 and today translated into several languages…)

According to the author, we have entered a crucial period: “…tremendous changes are at work in the world…life as we know it today will be totally transformed…human relations entirely new ones will be established, based on sharing and cooperation.”

The scoop of the book was the announcement of Christ’s return.

What I read in this bookstore in Grenoble that day seemed to me so coherent and so in tune with our times that the return of Christ seemed obvious to me… I don’t have one. doubted for a second.

28 years later, this event is in my eyes the necessity…

A clarification here: Christ is a World Teacher (in the broadest sense). Christ is the name given to him in the West. Under other skies He is the Madhi, or the Buddha Maitreya (his real name). The Hindus, for their part, await a reincarnation of Krishna…

(“All religions come from the same source” said Gandhi.)

Today we have the means to destroy ourselves. The news in Ukraine is there to remind us in an agonizing way: if the war becomes global, it will be nuclear.

End of the human adventure on planet earth.

Christ will teach us how to ensure that “perpetual peace” of which Immanuel Kant dreamed, and without which we have no future.

Peace comes through justice. And without a more equitable sharing of the planet’s resources among peoples, there is no justice…

Peace = Justice = Sharing

“As long as a single child dies of hunger in a world of plenty, we do not have right human relations” writes Benjamin Creme.

An equation so simple to write but whose resolution seems light years away!

The more it goes the less it goes but we go cheerfully…

One thing now: I can’t see myself climbing on a stool to proclaim the good news! I wouldn’t be able to, I would rather run away than anything else…

But what do we make of this story? Benjamin didn’t write all his books so that no one reads them and especially that no one ever talks about them!

His claims are part of a big “modern” opposition (at least that’s how I put it to you)

– The camp of those for whom there is no intention in the universe (Jacques Monod, Sartre, and all their followers…)

– And the camp of those for whom the presence of 7 to 8 billion excited individuals on a planet has a meaning that we have yet to discover…

As we are all set to roast at the end of the century, and even as in the eyes of some the climatic apocalypse is still a bit long to wait, and as they feel for the nuclear apocalypse,.. .I’m not sure that we can afford the luxury of neglecting the slightest lead.

That said, I just pretend to be the most faithful parrot possible of everything that Benjamin Creme could say and write. I would be remiss to distort or color anything. This is why if those who have read me so far (assuming there is any) could form an opinion (by themselves!) about what I persist in calling “information”, it will be perfect. (partageinternational.org)

A collective intelligence seems to me more powerful than a simple individual intelligence. (and I remember Descartes distrusting his own understanding in The Discourse on Method…)

Benjamin Creme is 40 years of amazing teachings and information. It is several books translated into many languages. It is also, and perhaps above all, the English-language monthly magazine Share International, which has existed since 1982, and which also appears in French (since 1988), German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Slovenian…

It is an enormous corpus renewing all that seemed solidly established until now…

Good end of the ad!

But once again don’t leave me alone guys, that would be nice! It does this story quite a bit, it is even likely to give hope to a world that is suffering and needs it…

As for its final truth, we can rely on Saint Augustine: “Truth is like a lion, you don’t need to defend it. Release it and it will defend itself.”

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Apocalypse in the heads

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