Afro-Club, the turntable hit with Gally Garvey, Suspect 95 and Vacra

Gally Garvey, 2022

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For the last selection of November, the Afro-Club offers you a refreshing top 7 with, in the Platinum Hit, Vacra, Costa Titch & Pheelz, Graya & Ninho, Suspect 95, Passy Kizito & Chriss Eazy, Camidoh & Magixx and finally Gally Garvey.

The Congolese Gally Garvey unveiled Does Bako Zala as a prelude to the release of his album Amour & Moi on November 25, 2022
Finally ! Gally Garvey has lifted the veil on the first single from his album Amour et Moi available in stores on November 25, 2022. Is Bako Zala (which can be translated as “Will they be there?”) come on time to serve as a launching pad for this opus which is also the first long format project of his career. The Congolese singer has long remained mysterious about the outlines of this project. Today, we know that 12 titles make up this album and that there are two prestigious collaborations: one with Koffi Olomidé and the other with Hiro. Does Bako zala is an urban title tinged with melancholic rumba in which Gally Garvey explains that he has given a lot of himself to please others and wonders if they will be there for him when he goes through difficult times. A question that also affects its audience.

Ghanaian Camidoh has teamed up with Nigerian Magixx for the sweet collab Slow
After making the crowds dance during the big school holidays with the tidal wave Sugarcane featuring the superstars Mayorkun, King Promise and Darkoo, the Ghanaian benchmark of afrobeats Camidoh is back. And this time, he invited Magixx, his counterpart from Nigeria, to concoct Slow. A mid-tempo song that immediately met its audience since in less than 15 days of exploitation, the clip has exceeded one million views on YouTube. Regularly addressing the themes of love in his songs and the need to satisfy a common interest before it’s too late, Camidoh stands as a bridge between people, between hearts and between souls. Camidoh effortlessly transitions from his mother tongue Ewe to English on a typically smooth and cheerful musical production. The intervention of Magixx (artist of the Mavin Records label of Don Jazzy), is not too much to give a pan-African flavor to this hit.

In Rwanda, it is Passy Kizito and Chriss Eazy who monopolize radio programming with Basi Sori
From the title Mbaye wow who launched his solo career in 2018 and on which he was in duet with his compatriot Butera Knowless, Passy Kizito has not stopped producing hits. Formerly, he was the heyday of urban music in Rwanda within the TNP group in the early 2010s. Today, he contributes to the musical influence of the East African region. The hitmaker, Chriss Eazy, is also present on the title Basi Sori which invaded the airwaves of radios and televisions in Kigali. Passy Kizito can also thank all the challenges and dance challenges on TikTok. The musical composition of Basi Sori is provided by the famous beatmaker Eleeh (Element). Given the number of viewings on the counter, we can say without hesitation that success is there!

The Ivorian rapper Suspect 95 surprises with the excellent In my head acoustic piano-voice
Nine months after the release of his last single Fan or Lover in duet with Josey, Suspect 95 expands its discography with the autobiographical title Dans ma tête. Without chorus and with a single verse, Suspect 95 returns, without language of wood, on what he has gone through these last three years. Started atmoredownfrom the ladder up towhat i explodeall digits. December 12, 2020, I had just come down from a stage. Mom calling me all panicked, your wife is on the ground so stop everything you have to come can we hear him confess like a therapy through a poignant and very deep text. The one who calls himself “the president of the union” recounts his moments of joy, success, sorrows, and also the death of his companion, which was a big shock for him. The tone is serious and melancholic. Suspect 95 arouses emotion and cures itself with this surprising and nevertheless very pleasant rap to listen to.

Rappers Graya and Ninho make us Hello from their dream life
Yaya Cissé is back. Finally, especially his alter ego known as Graya. The rapper from Marseille has invited his illustrious sidekick Ninho to join him for the song Coucou, at the ideal pace for dancing during the end of the year celebrations. Graya, who started music with the 13th Art label in which his former group GGN shone, has therefore returned with his new album. Reincarnationa year after the first opus L’étoile nothear. Composed of 22 titles, the project is very complete and welcomes several quality guests: NasDas, Chilla, Zaho and Ninho. It is with the latter that he is a hit on the title Hello. On a catchy production, the duo strolls on this rather airy and light melody for a result very pleasant to the ear. Directed by R3D LIGHT, the clip features Ninho and Graya in a festive evening atmosphere during which we do not look at the expense.

South African artist Costa Titch comes to close his year 2022 with the track goat helped by the Nigerian Pheelz
Costa Titch comes to put an end to its musical releases of the year with an evocative title. This is the piece Goat in duet with Pheelz, the Nigerian to whom we owe the planetary success Fineness. It is no coincidence that they chose Goat to collaborate together. In English, GOAT is an acronym which stands for Greatest Of All Time. It is therefore with humility that Costa Titch and Pheelz introduce themselves to their respective audiences. The South African did not skimp on the means. He appealed to his dance group Ma Gang in order to offer this title a much more massive and popular success. Goat is a song taken from Costa Titch’s EP Mr. Big Flexa.

Who is Vacra, the artist who explodes the counters and moves the rankings with Tiki Taka ?
Sorry to disappoint you, but for once in the Afro-Club, we give our tongue to the cat. Because, to the question “Who is Vacra?”, we don’t have the answer. And it is precisely this mystery that makes Vacra special. He seems to want to operate in the shadows and keep his identity a secret. We do not know his age or his origins. Check for yourself, you will not find any information on this artist who is nevertheless one of the musical trends in the headlines on social networks. It seems that Vacra has no official existence before February 2022 and the arrival of its title Sequence shot. It’s incredible, in the all-digital era, to know so little about an artist who has millions of plays online. This strategy of mystery turns out to be profitable and the artist will no doubt continue to conceal his face for a long time to come. In the writing of the Afro-Club, we bet on an artist who wishes to start his career from scratch without his past coming to influence the listener. We continue to investigate…

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Afro-Club, the turntable hit with Gally Garvey, Suspect 95 and Vacra

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