A first publication for Martine Boilard – The New Union and The Future of Maple

A few days ago, Martine Boilard, a farmer from Saint-Norbert-d’Arthabaska, launched a first book, self-published by Carnets de Dame Plume and entitled “The elected officials of Gabriel: the reincarnation of the Angel “.

In a telephone interview, the author indicated that this was not her last publication since she is considering at least a trilogy with characters from her imagination, but whose names are inspired by those of her children.

“I’ve always liked to write, to invent stories. For this, I am inspired by those close to me, ”she said from the outset. And in her first book, she tackles different subjects, as we can discover in the summary. “The chosen ones of Gabriel are the protectors of a young couple who will give birth to the next savior of humanity. They and their friends will have to face certain demonic creatures who will want to prevent this birth. As much as they will be mentors for their proteges, they will discover certain life lessons with them. Fortunately, they will be able to find help from their loved ones and will ally themselves with vampires, werewolves, wizards and mediums. Throughout their mission, they will create bonds of friendship and will discover the importance of living their loves to the full in order to take advantage of every second of the present moment that is privileged to them. »

Martine confides that she has always liked TV series that feature vampires like “Buffy”, for example. “Every time a series ends, I always find that something is missing. So I decided to do a sequel to my liking,” she says.

At first, she wrote like a diary with the same characters, but quickly she chose to give another identity (that of her children) to the stars of her stories. Her oldest daughter, Samantha, is well involved in the process, supporting her mother in her literary endeavours. She was the one who suggested that he publish his writings.

Her first book is aimed at informed readers since it contains, as she says herself, naughty and erotic scenes. “It’s not just fantastic,” she says. Martine believes that readers from the age of 15 will be able to appreciate her book in which she has taken care to integrate values ​​such as self-esteem and respect.

Even though the first volume has just been released (it is on consignment at Buropro in Victoriaville and can also be purchased through Martine Boilard’s Facebook page), the author has already almost completed the second volume. “It tells the beginning of the story,” she explains. Indeed, readers of the first volume wanted to know more about the beginnings, the genesis, to which she subscribed by writing the second title.

It is as a hobby that writing is currently part of his life. Despite her busy days in the fields, she still finds time to indulge in this discipline.

With this first book, Martine discovered all the stages of publication, from writing to launch, which she really appreciated. She was a little feverish before presenting it to the public, wondering if readers would not find it a little weird. “After all, I let them into my head,” she says.

The author admits having always had an artistic side. Whether singing, dancing or writing, as now. This desire to write translates into several ideas that she has in mind and that she puts down on paper as she goes along. Moreover, she wrote a detective novel, “False Identity”, which is currently in print. “And I have another, more dramatic project,” she announces.

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A first publication for Martine Boilard – The New Union and The Future of Maple

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