10 girl names inspired by manga and anime

Manga and anime have been around for decades, but since the early 2000s, they are more present than ever on the shelves of bookstores as well as on the small (and even the big) screen. So inevitably, like any work, they represent a great source of inspiration for people looking for a first name for their baby.

Why choose a first name from a manga for your daughter?

If you are a fan of Japanese female names, names for girls from manga or anime should please you. Yes, this form of comic strip and its television version comes straight from the land of the Rising Sun, and most of the first names of the characters are therefore of Japanese origin. Although there are some exceptions with english baby namesfor example !

The female names of manga heroines are also rare, original first names. Ideal if you don’t want your little girl to share the same first name as one of her classmates, which may be the case with classic first names.

In which manga do you find inspiration for a girl’s name?

In the world of manga, the category that is aimed at the female audience is called the “shoujo“, as opposed to “shonen” which is aimed more at these gentlemen. Among the most popular, we find in particular:

  • girl
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • vampire knight
  • Sailor Moon
  • fruit basket

But nothing also prevents you from looking for inspiration among other popular manga and anime such as:

  • naruto
  • One Piece
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • dragonball
  • The Knights of the Zodiac

All have female characters that can inspire your unborn baby girl!

The most beautiful female names inspired by manga and anime

You still don’t know which first name to choose for your baby? Discover our selection of female names inspired by manga and anime, as well as their meaning!

manga heroine Cardcaptor Sakurabut also one of the main characters of Naruto, the first name Sakura is a very popular Japanese name which means “Cherry flower”.

If the two heroes of Fullmetal Alchemist are men, they would be nothing without their best friend Winry, a genius mechanic specializing in automails, high-level prostheses. In English, Winry is short for Winifred, which means “blessed”.

The two heroines of the eponymous manga have the same name, which means “apple” in Japanese. The two young women are very different, between the rocker on one side and the sweet faithful friend on the other.

In the cult manga dragonball, Bulma is the wife of Prince Vegeta. She has a strong character and real courage, but her first name is a bit special: it’s a derivative of “bloomers”a kind of shorty worn under skirts!

manga heroine One Piece, Nami is a navigator and cartographer who sails in Luffy’s crew, and is not afraid of a fight. His first name means “beautiful, pleasant”.

In The Knights of the Zodiac, Saori is the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, just that. In Japanese, Saori means “the color of the sand.

Usagi is the first name of the teenage girl in which the warrior form of the former Moon Princess, aka Sailor Moon, reincarnated. In Japanese, Usagi means “hare”, an animal often associated with the moon…

Main manga character vampire knight, Yûki is a teenager who lost her memory after being attacked by a vampire, and saved by another. His first name has two translations:snow” and “joy”.

Mixed first name inspired by the saga fruit basketthe first name Tohru means “transparency”.

If Sakura is the main female character of narutowe must not forget the sweet and courageous Hinata, whose well-chosen first name means “the heat of the sun”.

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10 girl names inspired by manga and anime

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