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A regular heptagram 7/3, known as Elven Star (elvish star) or Fairy Star (fairy star) is used by some members of the otherkin subculture to identify themselves

The otherkin form a subculture of people who somehow identify as non-human. The group originally grew out of a community Internet (Internet is the global computer network that makes services available to the public…) English-speaker, and otherkin often see themselves as mythical or legendary creatures explaining their beliefs by reincarnation (they possess the soul of a legendary creature), by ancestry, or by a symbolic metaphor. Creatures otherkin commonly identify with include angels, demons, dragons, elves, aliens, fairies, kitsunes, lycanthropes, and vampires, among others.

People outside of this subculture generally view the beliefs of otherkin with bewilderment, if not contempt.

History of otherkin

Word “Otherkin” is a neologism formed by other (“other”) and kin (“lineage”) in English, so it translates to “other lineage”

The oldest resource on the internet mentioning otherkin is the “Elfinkind’s Digest”a List of diffusion (In everyday language, the term diffusion refers to a notion of…) started in 1990 by a student of theUniversity (A university is an institution of higher education whose objective is the…) from Kentucky to “elves and interested observers”. Also in the early 1990s, newsgroups such as alt.horror.werewolves and alt.fan.dragons on Usenet were initially created for fans of these creatures to gather in the context (The context of an event includes the circumstances and conditions surrounding it; the…) fantasy, literature and horror movies, but gradually welcomed people who identified themselves as mythological creatures.

On February 6, 1995, a document (In its current meaning, a document is generally defined as the physical support of a…) titled the Elven Nation Manifesto (“Manifesto of the Elven Nation”) has been posted on Usenet, including to the alt.pagan and alt.magick groups. On Usenet itself, the document was almost universally considered a troll or an extremely naive attempt. However, many people have connected with the original author to join his mailing list, “Elfinkind’s Digest”from which comes the term“otherkin”.

Otherkin members of this modern subculture are mostly admirers of elves and members of online communities from the early to mid-1990s, the first recorded use of the phrase “otherkin” to designate them is mentioned in July 1990 and the word “otherkin” itself is reported as early as April 1990.


Otherkin are brought together by the ideological belief that they are “something other than human”. Some claim their direct affiliation with mythological creatures thanks to the existence of ancient founding texts mentioning certain creatures as the direct ancestors of human communities, such as the elves Tuatha Dé Danann, the angels mentioned in the Bible or the eastern emperors who bore the title of “son of the dragon”.

However, the definition (A definition is a discourse that says what a thing is or what a name means. Hence the…) the most common of members of the subculture is that, “if their envelope is human, their soul is not”it is mainly based on the belief in the reincarnation and transmigration of souls, their life (Life is the name given 🙂 earlier as a mythological creature would therefore have affected their current incarnation according to their ideology.

Other subcultures are closely related to otherkin, notably that of the therians, who describe themselves as being “partly animal”, that of vampires, who mimic the lifestyle of legendary creatures of the same name, and that of draconics, who identify with dragons. These subcultures are generally considered part of otherkin by most, but their beliefs and practices are culturally distinct, and they join movements of their own despite these few commonalities.

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🔎 Otherkin – Definition and Explanations

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