What is the meaning of your first name in numerology?

Numerology is mostly a divination method which allows you to know your future according to your personal year and your way of life. But did you know that you can also use numbers to find out more about your own personality?

The calculation of a first name in numerology

To know the character of a person, we can therefore carry out a quick calculation according to the letters of his first name. The idea is to focus on vowels, not consonants. Each vowel corresponds to a value. The A and the I are worth 1 point, the E is worth 5, the U is worth 6 and the O is worth 7. So calculate the number of points you get by adding the vowels of your first name, but also your last name. family (from birth). Once you have obtained a number, add all the digits that compose it to obtain a digit, therefore between 1 and 9.

It’s not clear ? Do not panic, here is an example. Jacob Elordi therefore has the vowels A, O and E, O and I. We therefore add 1 + 7 + 5 + 7 + 1 = 21. We therefore add 2 + 1 = 3. The star of The Kissing Booth therefore has a personality in 3.

The characteristics of a first name in numerology

Personality in 1: You are a leader at heart. You are independent and you want to follow the path you have laid out for yourself. The life of an entrepreneur or freelancer is made for you because you are fearless and not afraid to embark on new projects.

Personality in 2: You are as intuitive as you are creative. Romantic relationships are essential for you: you do not imagine yourself single. On the professional side, you like contact and taking care of others. A career in medicine or teaching is a good fit for you. Only downside: your lack of self-confidence. Do not devalue yourself: your personality makes you very endearing.

Personality in 3: You are a great creative person who needs to express yourself. Your imagination is overflowing and you need to share it, whether by writing or drawing for example. Above all, don’t miss out on communication and contact with others: don’t forget the real world for the benefit of your art.

Personality in 4: Ambition is a priority for you. Your career is a pillar and you are looking to climb the ladder quickly. You want to realize all aspects of your life: a comfortable financial situation, a stable family life… Be careful not to seek perfection in all areas. You are sensitive to stress!

Personality in 5: You charm those around you without any problem. Funny, charismatic, you tend to do everything later than the others, but that’s good. You use this time to experiment and have fun. A career in journalism or advertising would be perfect for you. As the years pass, you will be more and more responsible, which you may be lacking at the base.

Personality in 6: Your priority is to take care of others. You have a natural facility for medicine, whether to heal the body or the soul. Your natural compassion and your kindness attract many people: you have many friends. Be careful not to forget yourself: be generous yes, but not in the permanent sacrifice!

Personality in 7: Spiritual questions have always fascinated you. You are in search of truth and the absolute. Professionally, you need to take a path that stimulates you intellectually. You are a loner who needs time for himself. Be careful not to cut yourself off from the rest of the world by remaining in your truth and your questions.

Personality in 8: You are a hard worker. The amount of work does not scare you in your professional life: you are recognized by your peers as being particularly competent. In your love life, you are very faithful but you find it difficult to express your feelings. Don’t try to control everything: you have to learn to let go.

Personality in 9: You have a deep social conscience. Above all, you want to make the world a better place and it is in this sense that you have chosen your profession. You can’t stand injustice and you fight for what seems right to you, even if it means tiring those around you with your current fights… As long as you’re faithful to your convictions, you won’t be able to take the wrong path!

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What is the meaning of your first name in numerology?

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