What is my midheaven according to my astrological sign?

Astrology is a wonderful guide to exploring the potential of each person. Each point of your birth chart can reveal new secrets to you. What if we told you that it was possible to know in which area you will have more ease and joy to work?

the middle of the sky

To find out, you will have to find your “Midheaven” on your natal chart.
Don’t worry, it’s easy. You will need some information:

  • Your first name
  • Your birthdate
  • Your exact time of birth (yes, it’s mandatory and you can find it in your health record)
  • your place of birth

Thus, you can very easily obtain the photograph of your horoscope on the Internet by integrating all its information!
You will get a diagram of the chart of the sky at the time of your birth, also called astral theme. It looks like this:


Midnight sky astro vibes and fork and bikini

PS: Each horoscope is different.

The mid-sky corresponds to the “MC” symbol at the top of the map.
It corresponds to House X (10).

What sign is yours in?

Here are the favored careers in mid-sky functionsign by sign:

Ram :

Aries needs independence. Professionally, the professions best suited to his needs are: military, business manager, leader, group leader, high-level athlete, etc.

Bull :

Taurus needs financial security. Despite everything, he is sensitive, he likes beautiful things. Professionally, he will flourish in the fields of: art, architecture, restoration, decoration, painting, music, …


Geminis need a boost in their intelligence and in their relationships. Professionally, they will be at ease in: communication professions, writing, journalism, teaching, travel, tourism, professions directly linked to human relations, etc.

Lion :

Leos are ambitious, enthusiastic and determined. They will be able to fulfill themselves as: comedian, actor, singer, business manager, leader, artist, teacher, guide, group leader, in artistic and creative professions,…


Virgos are dedicated. They excel in the fields of: commerce, health, administration, justice, teaching, analysis, research, science, etc.


Balance :

Libras do best in business if they are in partnership. They are driven by justice and equity. They are comfortable in the professions: justice, judge, lawyer, associations, well-being, but also in artistic professions such as comedy, theater,…


Scorpios are ambitious and completely dedicated in their careers. They can succeed in: occult sciences, astrology, numerology, cartomancy, trades related to sex, scientific police, as an inspector, private detective, undertakers, police, army , scientific or medical research, etc.


Sagittarians are ambitious and love business trips. They have high socio-professional aspirations. They can do well in: religion, philosophy, education, higher education, travel, justice, …


Capricorns need to impose their authority. They can be: commissioner, politician, judge, prosecutor, director, chief, …



Aquarians are freelancers who need to create and innovate. Professions related to analysis, invention, creation, research, music, engineering, mathematics, architecture, aeronautics, etc.


Pisces are sensitive and have an artistic soul. They can be: in medical research, art, music, psychology, occult sciences, …

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What is my midheaven according to my astrological sign?

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