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There are countless ways for a feng shui consultant to work out the specifics of a feng shui consultation. Each consultant has his own interpretation and his own experiences, his own approach to the teachings, as well as a different training depending on the school or schools he practices.

But in general, there are a few basic principles that you are likely to find in any case if you hire a feng shui consultant to work on your home.

How a Feng Shui Consultation Can Help

There are ideal times for a feng shui consultation, such as when you are starting something new and need a helping hand or support. Or maybe you are on a spiritual path and want to deepen it to integrate it into the environment around you.

Another good time to seek a feng shui consultation is when you want to invite more prosperity into your life, such as when you are ready to increase your wealth and abundance (which isn’t just about money). You can also request a consultation if you are looking to create true well-being in your home and life or if you are ready to connect body, soul and spirit.

When you’re overwhelmed and need benefactors, ask for a consultation. This is especially true when you find it difficult to ask for help and support. Or, maybe you are feeling depressed and would like to welcome more joy into your daily life. Or if you need to turn the page or if you need help to carry out projects.

Consider asking for a consultation if you are ready to embark on a new career and need guidance. Even if you’re not changing careers, you may feel uninspired and need to ignite a passion in any area of ​​your life, including your relationships. If you are truly ready to love yourself and invite a new partnership into your life, seek a feng shui consultation.

fun fact

Some elements of the practice of feng shui date back at least 6,000 years. The practice contains elements of scholarly branches of study, including physics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology.

The best time for a feng shui consultation

A consultation is especially helpful when moving into a new space or embarking on something new. But the perfect time is when you feel drawn to a professional consultation.

You can have a consultation when you need support, or when things are going well, when they are stable, and when they are in transition. Consulting a feng shui expert on your home when it’s totally chaotic is also okay, as that may be when you need it the most. A feng shui consultation is useful in all types of situations, as long as it is right for you.

Choose a consultant

Research potential consultants before choosing one. If you don’t know the difference between the schools, you can take the time to research them and use that information to determine which consultant to use. But it is not necessary. The most important thing here is to work with someone you trust and respect.

Listen to your heart to know what is good for you right now. Sometimes what you are first drawn to and feels right is the best. To find the best healers and energy consultants that are right for you, you will know. Sometimes they just fall on you. Call on your intuition.

Let the potential feng shui consultant know what you are looking for. A feng shui consultant is not the same as a designer. It is always helpful to discuss why you want a consultation. Most people have no idea what to expect or what they want, they just know they are looking for something. The end result can be help with a particular issue, like settling into a new home, or just knowing you’re open to anything. Take the time to contemplate everything that presents itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re confused and open-minded, or conversely if you want something precise and specific. Communication is the key.

Setting up the consultation

The following steps are fairly standard. Pick a time to meet, online or in person (meeting in person is always best). Before the meeting, the consultant may ask you for some basic information, such as your address and plan, photos of your house, and the date and time of your birth. An easy way to convey this information is to fill out an intake form that the consultant will give you that will include these requests, as well as questions about what you would like to work on, your priorities and your wishes.


Some charge by the session, while others prefer to charge by the hour or by the square foot. There is no standard or average rate. However, if you are on a budget, it may be worth contacting a feng shui school for a consultation with a student or class to get a lower rate.

Duration of consultation

It varies depending on the size of the house. But in general, it takes at least an hour or two for a small house and longer for a large house.

The Feng Shui consultation

Here is a general idea of ​​how your consultation might go. Again, this varies from expert to expert as well as from school to school. If you’re curious, just ask the potential consultant.

Feng shui consultations usually start with a discussion of what you want to work on, your priorities, and then a review of your astrology and/or numerology – this is when your intake form comes in handy because it will already be prepared in advance. Then the consultant will walk through your space suggesting changes or adjustments based on your priorities. The smallest adjustments can be made on the spot. A space clearing or blessing will likely be performed to end the session. Then a follow-up call or report will include what was covered, along with the expert’s suggestions for your space.

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What is a Feng Shui consultation and how does it work? | Nostrodomus

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