The predictions of Vanessa, clairvoyant in Saint-Quentin, for the year 2023

New year, new resolutions and of course, the desire to know what the months to come have in store for us. Meeting with Vanessa, clairvoyant and fortune-teller at 200, rue de Paris in Saint-Quentin, since 2018.

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The question is on everyone’s lips right now. What will be the economic trend in the coming months?

The year corresponds in numerology to the number 7. Unfortunately, I will not give good news. The year 2023 promises to be equal, or even slightly worse than 2022 at the economic level: a lot of blockages, immobility. I don’t see any economic recovery. Inflation that is not going to improve.

At the political level, some changes?

Many bills will pass. We are entering a new era and will experience a break from everything the French have experienced before.

The year 2023 will vibrate enormously at the sentimental level: many divorces, separations linked to economic tensions. It is a blocking year, where no important decision will have to be taken within couples or at the real estate level.

On the other hand, I see justice very present at the political level: settling of scores, trials.

Some big events?

We are going to witness the death of a very important personality on the national or international scene. A president, presumably. In addition, a woman will make her appearance. She will embody a rupture.

And at the sanitary level, any improvements?

As for Covid, I’m not going to lie. No miracle cure. People have learned and will continue to live with it. On the other hand, I see a lot of cardiological problems appearing A succession of events of this type without any explanation for the moment.

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, change?

Again, a lot of blockage, we are in a cold war. The first real negotiations will only take place next fall. Once again, a woman will impose herself, both nationally and internationally.

At the local level now, major upheavals for the Saint-Quentinois?

At the political level, this is going in the right direction. Lots of respect and a real desire to get things done, to find the keys to fostering growth. On the economic and social level, it is above all the youth who will be put forward. Major investments will be made for them in terms of training, jobs…

A rise in births is also to be expected.

And on a sporting level?

On the side of the OSQ, no major football events, a few retirements. On the other hand, all the light will be shed on the SQBB which will have a very good season.

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The predictions of Vanessa, clairvoyant in Saint-Quentin, for the year 2023

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