The power of numerology

The numerology method is a tool created by Thérèse Gagnon that helps to better understand events and the meaning of important dates. Numbers and Dates: Daily Messages is the author’s 12th book to be published recently. A tool for understanding, but also for personal development, which tends towards an inner journey and allows you to regain power over your life.

“It’s a tool that leads us to understand the events that happen to us in our lives. For example, a lady has her birthday, her son leaves and as a result of an accident dies. Me, depending on the date, I will analyze the date to see what it means and often that will defuse a lot of things. It is a tool that helps to find the forces that develop behind the events, poorly wrapped gifts, “illustrated the author of Beaumont.

For 25 years now, Thérèse Gagnon has been working and using numerology. This is the second book of its kind that Ms. Gagnon has published. Indeed, she had written a similar book in 2002, but over the years she worked on her method and decided to refine it. Four years ago, she stopped publishing her first book and now the new one is available in bookstores.

We find in his writings the definitions of the days of the month, the months, the years as well as how to analyze an event, a number or a significant figure. By looking directly at the meaning of a number or adding the digits, people can relate to the words of the book.

“We learn English, Spanish, German, different languages ​​and for me, dates are a language. I’ve been using it for over 25 years and it’s grown more and more. It is a tool that serves to demystify things or patterns that are repeated in life. People can expect to regain power over their lives. Sometimes they can be in certain behavior patterns. You have to see the power they have within them to regain self-confidence, self-esteem and be the one and only master of your life. Each experience, whether easy or difficult, has something to teach you,” explained Ms. Gagnon.

The objective is not to take everything literally, but to use the concepts that are more revealing in order to better understand situations or even understand oneself. The method put forward in this collection mainly brings back to oneself, to work in order to have power over oneself.

She assures that she does not use the method to influence her decisions, because then it would no longer be to welcome, but rather to try to control life. Ms. Gagnon says she goes to see the dates after they have arrived and greatly encourages people to do the same to properly respect the primary mission of the method, take power over her life and welcome.

“For me, it’s about talking numbers. I call it the language of the union of body, soul and spirit. Everything has a link, everything is there to teach us to be well, ”she concluded.

In another vein, the Salon international du Mieux-Être, an event instigated by Thérèse Gagnon, may return for a new and improved edition. Under the theme of unity, this new edition could turn out to be more devoted to practice than to theory. However, the project is still in development.

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The power of numerology

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