The numerology of first names (slideshow)

What number corresponds to your child’s first name? Discover the meaning of your child’s first name according to his number.

The method to calculate the number that corresponds to his first name

To find the number of a first name, add all the digits that correspond to the letters of your child’s first name. Then add the digits of the resulting sum. You will get the final figure. And find, figure by figure, all our explanations.

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The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 1

These are little wolves who will know how to assert their personality loud and clear! Dynamic and sure of themselves, they will manage very well to make their opinions heard. The counterpart of this leadership temperament: a tendency to selfishness, domination and aggressiveness. In other words, you may hear about them sometimes when you leave school… Discover the character and the life path of your child born under the sign 1 thanks to numerology.

Our advice: teach them to share games, but also space and speech from an early age. And encourage them to play sports regularly to evacuate their excess energy.

Example of calculation for the first name “Marie”: 4+1+9+9+5 = 28 which corresponds to 2+8+10 = 1

The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 2

These are children who are characterized by great sensitivity. Their power of imagination will ensure that they never get bored. These children show flexibility and tenderness. You won’t have to beg for hugs or shout to be heard. Wise as images, except in cases of great frustration, where they will practice their art of caprice. Discover the character as well as the life path of your child born under the sign 2 thanks to numerology.

Our advice: help them not to be pushed around by expressing their desires at the right time. In case of great shyness, offer them creative activities to disinhibit themselves.

The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 3

The little ones in category 3 will shake up your daily life! Lively and optimistic, they have 100 ideas a second and will do anything to convince you. They never let go! Success is their greatest pleasure. In short, you won’t have to push them a lot to try to walk, swim, write. Your concern will rather be to follow them in their many activities! And to support them in the event of failure… These children will find it difficult to take a bad grade… With the others, they can quickly become jealous. Your loulou is expressive and awake, his life path is all mapped out.

Our advice: help them determine the areas they prefer and support them to progress at their own pace. Above all, don’t compare them to brothers and sisters, friends… They need a lot of confidence and a clear framework to build themselves well.

The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 4

A very reasonable temperament, a propensity for stability. These children, even before becoming adults, have already understood everything! Their parents will be very lucky since they won’t have to clap their fists to impose rules. In learning, no headaches either, because perseverance is also on the program. A dream ! One caveat all the same: these children will have trouble with anything that takes them out of their routine. They won’t appreciate surprises, program changes… Your child will do his best throughout his life.

Our advice: help them to open up to the unknown with books, outings, trips… let themselves be surprised by daily discoveries. Basically, to have more confidence in the future, even if it is uncertain.

The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 5

Here are curious children, who ask a thousand questions, look everywhere around them, make many friends. They enjoy the company of others and adapt to any situation. You will have no trouble getting them to sleep over with friends or to get them interested in your interests. They capture everything around them. However, they are not so easy to live with, because of their instability and their impulsiveness. Capricious, they easily invent little lies. A hyperactive character that will punctuate his destiny.

Our advice: surround them a lot because behind their curiosity and their sociable side hides the need to be reassured, framed, listened to.

The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 6

Bingo, with 6 as a numerical value, your child has a wise first name. You will be dealing with a child capable of thinking alone, of having a great deal of sensitivity, empathy and therefore tenderness. A kind of perfect child. At least in appearance. Because inside, other demons go through it, a bit of laziness, difficulties in assuming one’s actions, in making decisions… The number 6 will have a life path punctuated by its sensitivity.

Our advice: do not give too many responsibilities to this child, even if he seems able to assume them. He senses your desire and wants to comply with it. Give him time to find confidence in himself, and especially areas in which he feels full of energy.

The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 7

Does your baby think intensely? Normal, he has a first name of the numerical value 7! His character is recognized by his great wisdom. He observes a lot and trusts his feelings. It is a child who advances by groping. The counterpart of this autonomy: anxiety and doubt. A great perfectionist, he will always try to get by on his own, even if it means getting angry.

Our advice: trust him, but support him at every stage of his learning. The benevolence that you will bring to him will help him to accept your help. Contact with other children will also be beneficial.

The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 8

They are bold, good in their heads and in their shoes. First names with a numerical value of 8 stick to the skin of those who want to be champions. You will be running after them a lot, warning them of a thousand dangers and fearing the worst with every phone call from school. But everything will be fine, since they are too strong! On the other hand, this winning temperament sometimes makes them intransigent, even tyrannical.

Our advice: set clear limits from the start to avoid everyday accidents, outbursts of anger, selfish behavior.

The meaning of first names corresponding to the number 9

Here are children with tender hearts who know how to put themselves in the place of others, to understand them, to help them. Real little psychologists! Of course, from this sensitive temperament comes a lot of wisdom. But as so often in numerology, nothing is all white… Your sweet little one can reveal the reverse facets of this character, especially by dint of loving and pretending to be after others… And suddenly, becoming disappointed and therefore difficult to manage. The digital 9 will have a life course full of resources and energy to spare.

Our advice: warn him against exclusive friendships, teach him to take care of himself before seeking the approval of others. In short, to help him become solid by emphasizing his qualities.

The expert: François Vincensini, numerologist, author of “Knowing the keys to your destiny thanks to numerology, it’s clever”, ed. Practical Leduc.

The interview with François Vincensini

Parents: Why do the numbers of first names tell us about temperaments?

Francois Vincensini: The numerical value of each first name tells us about the qualities to acquire and the problems to avoid. Like the mantra among the Hindus, the vibration of the sounds of the first name repeated since birth influences the unconscious of the child and shapes, with the education of his parents, his personality. Numerology decodes the influence of these sounds and thanks to Pythagoras, who was also a musician, we can with this knowledge determine their meaning. Indeed, each number obtained reveals the potential qualities to be developed and warns about the possible weaknesses to be overcome. Thus, it allows parents to adapt their education to promote the harmonious development of their child.

The vibration of the sounds of the first name repeated since birth influences the unconscious of the child and shapes, with the education of his parents, his personality.

Parents: Should middle/third names be taken into account?

VF: Yes, if you wish to choose several first names. In numerology, the first name is attributed to everyday life, the second to the emotional, the third to the creativity or the gift of the child. The calculation is carried out in the same way, but the interpretation is to be adapted to the particular destination of the second or third first name.

“Each number obtained reveals the potential qualities to be developed…”

Parents: Is the first letter of the first name particularly important?

VF: Yes, it controls the direction of the numerical value of the first name. Thus, for different first names that have the same numerical value, the first letter will indicate a nuanced orientation for the same meaning.

Parents: Should the date of birth also be taken into account?

VF: In numerology, the date of birth defines the axis of development of a person throughout his existence and it is not essential for the choice of one or more first names. Parents usually choose male or female names before the child is born.

However, if the numerical value of the first name is a signpost of the destination to be reached, the numerical value of the date of birth symbolizes the road to follow to reach it. It takes on its full dimension from the birth of the child.

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The numerology of first names (slideshow)

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