The choice of professions thanks to numerology

Now let’s see the choice of trades : reduce the first number 13 to 4 (1+3=4) because to consult the list of professions, we retain the numbers from 1 to 9, except for 11 and 22.
For the list of trades, consider the first number which is a priori the most important. the second especially gives thegeneral working atmosphere.
It’s up to you to play and consult the interpretations that concern you!

The 1 are self-employed: liberal professions, craftsmen, consultants, advertising designers, inventors…
They are business leaders, senior executives, political leaders, institutional leaders, senior civil servants…sometimes in the army.
They sometimes have creative jobs: writers, style designers, jewellers, etc.

The 2 are good collaborators, assistants, advisers, partners or associates in very diversified fields.
They are also musicians, dancers, painters, decorators…
In medicine, they are therapists and sometimes surgeons.

The 3 have communication professions: promoters, designers, commercial functions, public relations, artistic and audiovisual professions, artists’ agents…
The 3 are also interested in the professions of relaxation, well-being, leisure, tourism and sports. All functions related to children or adolescents.
Some are attracted by public professions or community-related activities: sometimes political party leaders or spokespersons are 3.

The 4 have professions of organization, responsibilities in company or in the administrations. They are managers, engineers, manufacturers, technicians…
The 4 also excel in small business, commerce, construction, specialized trades (plumbing, electricity, etc.) and various corporate activities. Some are farmers and breeders or geologists, architects.
The 4 are finally bankers, wise advisers in different fields, such as legal advisers for example and all professions related to humans, including natural therapies, astrology and others…

The 5 are gifted for business and appreciate itinerant trades: representatives, salespeople, consultants, travellers, pilots, tourist agents…import-export trades.
The 5 are also artists, especially on stage (actors, singers), journalists, press officers, correspondents abroad…
Many 5s are in the humanities and counselors in multiple fields. Some are lawyers, others editors…

The 6 are in the legal, social, health professions… This is the human service component. Others are responsible in large administrations: certain careers in the army are linked to the 6.
The 6 are also in the human resources of companies, and turn out to be fine strategy advisers. They are called upon to resolve conflicts.
Finally, there is the artistic component: cultural activities, works of art, galleries, fashion, aesthetics, interior design, decoration, luxury…
The professions of real estate, investments in stone, heritage are represented by the 6.

The 7 are analysts, researchers, with the need to perfect themselves. They are found in all fields of study and research (science, medicine, modern technologies, etc.).
Sevens are doctors, psychologists, pharmacists, therapists, and also sometimes parapsychologists.
The image and sound professions (cinema, television) as well as all sectors related to advanced techniques, including IT, the internet, etc.
Professions in publishing, specialized or scientific press, history, archaeology, etc.
Finally, more prosaically, the investigative professions: investigators, detectives, police officers as well as professions related to liquids: oil, perfumes, drinks or professions of the sea (fishing)…

The 8 are first in the world of concrete business: economy, banking, finance, stock market… either as independents, business leaders, or executives in large companies.
Then the 8 are entrepreneurs in all fields, traders, insurers, asset managers, industrialists, transporters…and all service trades.
Eights are lawyers, (often business lawyers), magistrates, and others are interested in political or public careers.
Finally, the 8 are physiotherapists, chiropractors, surgeons (emergency physicians…) and dentists…

9s are interested in the human, the social, and broad communication.
Care professions: nurses, educators, social workers, childcare workers, midwives, etc.
Professions related to international, abroad: import-export, tourism, journalism, international law, diplomacy…
Professions in teaching, communication with the public (actors, animators, etc.), audio visual, cinema, etc.
Finally, there are among the 9, religious, theologians, sociologists, philosophers, artists, poets and parapsychologists.

See the 2, considering that the 11 brings a higher dimension (inspiration, talent, large-scale works). Notoriety is sometimes recognized.

See the 4, considering that the 22 can further develop its activity abroad, internationally, and that it can also expand its business in a much greater way (networks, structures that interest the community, collaboration with organizations public or state, fabulous careers in original creativity or success in business or politics).

It’s up to you to play and consult the interpretations that concern you!

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The choice of professions thanks to numerology

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