Portrait: for Wallonia Day on September 9, we met the Belgian Christophe Havet at the Châlons Fair – Journal L’Union

He is the French sales manager for the Brasserie des Fagnes. At home, in Couvin, he has already tried to produce beer but it is especially when he sells it that he excels.

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Gynecological vocation

When he was a child, Christophe Havet had not really thought that he would sell beers one day and would forge partnerships with distributors of this hopped beverage. No. He wanted to be a gynecologist “in order to bring children into the world”. That turns out well, “I gave birth to the first child I had. He was coming so fast that the nurses were still in the hallway and I was the first to hold him. It was in Cayenne, says the father of three children who all know beer like no one else. “I taught them what blonde, brunette and IPA was, even the last one who is 12 knows all that. He is even able to give change. explains this grandson of café owners. “My grandmother ran a café in Binche in Belgium. Beer is a family affair. »

He missed winter

“Early in my career, I worked in fire safety and mobile telephony in Guyana, the Caribbean, Saint Lucia and Trinidad for sixteen years”, develops the lucky one, always in a good mood, except when… he is stung! Because Christophe Havet also confesses to being susceptible. In short, for a while, he knew the sun, the good life, the ti-punch “but in no case did I forget the beer!” At one time, the mobile phone market was saturated. I focused on beer because the Ptite brasserie ardennaise was for sale and I returned to Belgium to take it over with partners. I have been back for ten years. It’s good to find your land. I missed winter. »

Sun, mojitos and Acapulco

“The sun will call me back to its latitudes”, supports Christophe Havet who nevertheless is really at home in Belgium, a country to which he is very attached. “I think I’ll be doomed to make mojitos in Acapulco one day, that’s for sure, does he dream when he is told about his future. But first my mission is to develop the Brasserie des Fagnes in France. Stands, shows, fairs, it’s useful, especially if you’re friendly.
You have realized this: people go to a place because they like the people who run them, right? »

Secrets and numbers

“I can’t tell you everything, tell you everything, laughs the bon vivant. Yes, of course, I know Bruno Forget, I have been coming to this Fair for so long. I was already there with my previous company. On the other hand, another of my passions? Yes OK. I am passionate about the history of religions, I am interested in the level of esotericism that this subject releases, for numerology too. » Christophe ends the interview with nothing less than a quote from Antoine Lavoisier. “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. » All is said.

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Portrait: for Wallonia Day on September 9, we met the Belgian Christophe Havet at the Châlons Fair – Journal L’Union

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