Personal Year 8: Numerology Predictions for 2022

People with the number 8 will experience a very complex year 2022. They will have to achieve a balance in all areas while being wary of their worst enemy who will be none other than themselves! Good prospects can nevertheless be envisaged. Mainly in the professional and financial fields.

love and dating

If you are in a relationship and the latter is faltering, you risk, from the first half of the year, reaching the point of no return. A rupture may be on the agenda. Which will be difficult to live with even if you are the instigator. But the reverse may well happen. Indeed, after doubts, questions, you will be able to see your feelings regain their primacy and wish to start again on new bases. So it will be all or nothing.

If you are single, you will look at the materialistic aspect and will tend to get closer to people whom you consider to be financially independent, not to say comfortable. Yes, your selection criteria will also affect the portfolio in this year 2022!


A great year is shaping up in the professional field. But beware, any amateurism will be immediately sanctioned. You will have to face your responsibilities. Signing a contract can bring you notoriety that you would not have suspected. But to achieve this, it will be necessary to proceed in stages, not to want to rush things, to start long procedures. Some risk will be unavoidable. Which will not displease you. Avoid any brutality and prefer diplomacy and patience. A victory shouted too soon could be fatal and transform a long-desired dream into a catastrophe whose fallout can be felt in the long term. You will therefore be master of your destiny. Your success will rest on your shoulders and nowhere else.

Health and fitness

You will be in good shape during this year 2022. Be careful, when traveling by car, to respect the highway code and in particular the speed limits. Too much fuss behind the wheel could create an event that brings you a lot of hassle. For the rest, you will experience some stress, especially in the first semester, and this may cause digestive problems and gastric acidity. Nothing serious but this problem will force you to review your lifestyle. Watch out for excess alcohol and tobacco. But you already know that, don’t you?


The agent will be a subject that will concern you. You will want to clean up your financial situation. Which you should do before the end of the first half of 2022. A nice financial reward can be expected but, as we have clarified before, it will only come if you have taken matters into your own hands on a professional level. An unexpected cash flow at the end of the year can come to relieve you. It can be a gain if you practice gambling, a small inheritance or professional recognition.

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Personal Year 8: Numerology Predictions for 2022

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