Personal Year 6: Numerology Predictions for 2022

In 2022, people with the number 6 in their personal year will be able to express their creativity. Especially in the arts. It is also a year where the family, the close entourage, will play a significant role. In the field of love, questionings are coming. It will be essential not to withdraw into oneself.

love and dating

Many doubts will punctuate your year. You will tend to isolate yourself, to indulge in introspection. Which will cut you off from others. If you are single, obviously, this behavior will not allow you to meet people and improve your romantic situation. Pull yourself together and don’t be afraid to confide in friends or family. The simple fact of talking, sometimes, is enough to warm up the spirits.

If you are in a relationship, a need to be alone will also be felt. This may cause problems and cause misunderstandings. If you are a parent, it will be even more complicated. But after the first semester, you will find the right balance between your need for solitude and your family obligations. By getting closer to your children, by sharing their daily life, you will manage to regenerate yourself.


This is the positive aspect of your year 2022. You will be very inspired and will not lack originality. If you are in the arts, this year will be yours. You will find aesthetic inspiration that will amaze and delight you. Very good news will make you jump for joy. If you suffer, at times, from shyness, you acquire, in the face of your success, more self-confidence. A small downside to note, however: your investment in work may prevent you from tackling the problems you will encounter in the areas of love and family. This thorny problem will disturb you.

Health and fitness

A funny year 2022 awaits you. As you seek to achieve a certain stability, a certain harmony in your life, you will alternate between exaltations and periods tinged with melancholy. One day you will want to move mountains and, the next day, you will be seized with a general fed up where any action will seem useless and futile. Your family and old friends will be of great help to you. Know how to confide in them and listen to their advice. Introspection, you know, has its limits.


Not always feeling well in your plate, you risk to compensate… by spending more than reason! You will want to change the decoration of your home Sweet Home, to please others and yourself. These impulsive expenses, even if they remain reasonable, will gradually eat away at your savings or increase your overdraft. Despite everything, this year 2022 should not be difficult. Cash inflows, in fact, are announced. A family helper can also relieve you and allow you to start on a better basis. Know how to show gratitude.

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Personal Year 6: Numerology Predictions for 2022

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