Numerology: what your first name reveals about you

According to numerology, your first name holds much more about you than you might think. Learn what the letters of your names say about you and your life in this article!

Do you really know your first name?

Who are you ? This is at the same time the simplest and most difficult question we can answer. They are most often answered by stating their first and last name. As for the more intimate scope of the question, we are continually looking for the answer, sometimes doubting ourselves that we will ever get it, so much so that we rush to astrology or personality tests. What if our simple first name reveals much more about ourselves than we thought? In any case, it is a track explored by numerology, a divinatory practice that has existed since Antiquity.

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Know the numbers of your life to know yourself

Carried in particular by Pythagoras, numerology is an ancestral practice of searching for meaning and self-realization. A numerology calculation can offer an analysis of the heredity that we carry through our names, since our birth. It thus offers indications on your character, your relationship with your parents and what is most important to you. Moreover, numerology also deals with the future, since it seeks the influence of the forces that guide our destiny. A calculation can thus deliver valuable advice to bring or return luck in your life.

Numerology is thus a knowledge that paradoxically combines mathematical knowledge with the study of the field that seems the most out of control: that of the future and the hazards of life. Indeed, if our contemporary societies radically separate what is hard science from what is esoteric knowledge, this was not the case in ancient societies. At the time of Pythagoras, any mathematician was also a philosopher, poet and thinker of the mysteries of our world.

What numbers correspond to each letter?

Before any calculation, you will need to have the correspondence data between the letters of your first and last name and the numbers from 1 to 9. You can refer to the list below for each calculation that we offer in this article.

Correspondence between letters and numbers:

a, j, s, é, è, ê, ç 1
b, k, t, ö 2
c, l, u, ù, û 3
d, m, v 4
e, n, w, ê, î 5
f, o, x, ä, ô 6
g, p, y 7
h, q, z, u 8
i, r, to, â, ï 9

The value of the first name

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The most unavoidable numerology calculation around the letters of your name is to calculate what is called “the value of the first name”.

To calculate the number associated with a person’s first name, simply add the numbers corresponding to each letter, referring to the correspondences cited above. Once this result has been obtained, add the sum of each of the two digits of the number in front of you. For example, if your name is Clara, add c + l + a + r + a, i.e. 3+3+1+9+1 = 17. Then calculate that 1+7= 8. 8 is thus the number corresponding to the first name Clara. If the sum is less than 10, as for the first name Léa whose number is 5, it suffices to keep this number simple. It can also be taken as 05, i.e. 0+5=5.

We can’t wait to hear your result in the comments! You will find at the end of the article some indications on how each number directs your life.

The hereditary number

Besides your first name, your last name also reveals many traits of your character. It is specifically about what your parents passed on to you. The hereditary number relates to a given that has passed through the generations in your family.

To find it, the calculation consists of adding the letters of our birth name. Thus, a person whose last name would be “DUPONT” ​​would calculate his hereditary number as follows:

D = 4, U = 3, P = 7, O = 6, N = 5 and T = 2. We therefore calculate the sum of 4 + 3 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 2 = 27. Then, we calculate the sum of the two digits of the number obtained, i.e.: 2 + 7 = 9.

The hereditary number of a person called Dupont is therefore 9. If you are a married woman, you must use your maiden name to calculate your hereditary number.

The expression number

The expression number is obtained by adding the two numbers obtained for heredity and the value of the first name. To go back to the previous example of Clara and Dupont, let’s admit a person who would be called Clara Dupont. Her expression number would therefore correspond to the sum of the number associated with Clara and the number associated with Dupont, i.e. 9 + 8 = 17. We then obtain 1+7 = 8. Clara Dupont’s expression number is 8.

The intimate number

The intimate number, also called spiritual momentum, is the symbol of our deepest and most unshakeable instinct. It is about a desire buried within us. It provides information on our deep intuition, which the influence of the outside world sometimes tends to attenuate.

The intimate number consists of calculating the sum of the vowels of your first and last name.

To take Clara Dupont’s example, her intimate number would be the sum of A + A + U + O, i.e. 1 + 1 + 3 + 6 = 11. We then add the sum of each digit of the number obtained, i.e. 1+1 =2. The intimate number of Clara Dupont is therefore number 2.

Analysis of the numbers obtained

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Now that you have been able to calculate the number corresponding to your first name, you can analyze it below. Here is the meaning of each number from 1 to 10. These explanations constitute the first rather general markers to understand how the influence of these numbers is embodied in your life. We hope they inspire you to dig even deeper. far.

The number 1

Associated with the astrological sign Aries in the zodiac, the number 1 is master of beginnings. He guides each person who lives under his influence towards a sometimes heroic destiny, off the beaten track.

The number 2

This figure is master of couples, union, love for two. It refers to a personality very inclined to affective dependence, and capable of great love, and of investing his whole person in his relationships.

The number 3

Master of the triangle, the number 3 signs the entry into relationship with third parties. In forecasts, the number 3 is a sign of communication with the world and of sociability; Far from the binarity and the Manichaeism of the number 2, it is a symbol of open-mindedness and nuance. Reputed to be more intellectual than the number 2, it can also be a sign of pride.

The number 4

Master of the square, the number 4 influences the qualities of organization and pragmatism. It influences the personality towards rather down-to-earth considerations, which can lead to a certain pessimism. This number is also a sign of great rigor and a frank, but sometimes intolerant character.

The number 5

Related to the 5 senses, the number 5 is associated with pleasures of all kinds. It is a sign of a very positive and dynamic personality. He is the master of sport and freedom, and can announce the realization of work on oneself linked to the body. The side of these forecasts concerns the flaws of inconsistency and naivety. It is likened to the Taurus sign.

The number 6

The number 6 is a symbol of perfection, beauty and harmony. It mainly influences art and love. Associated with Venus and the sign Libra, its faults are insecurity, self-effacement and withdrawal.

The number 7

This figure implies the achievement of happiness. Master of luck, fortune but also of spirituality, he influences the personalities in its solitary aspects. It corresponds to writers, to researchers, in any case to a brilliant destiny. The 7 can however also be a master of melancholy and excessive introspection.

The number 8

The number 8 in numerology represents excesses, the greatest failures, the most brutal shocks, but also great fortunes. It can signify intense and potentially destructive passion.

The number 9

The number 9 announces a great quest that influences the whole course of life. Linked to love, it can be spiritual, embodied in travels or artistic work.

The number 10

The number 10 refers to a very strong need for action. This number is the symbol of the fact that life works like a cycle, and luck turns like a wheel. The number 10 influences the personality towards a proactive perspective, which takes things in hand and considers that its destiny depends on its actions and its will.

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Numerology: what your first name reveals about you

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