Numerology: what is the “life path” and how to calculate it?

We all know astrology, the horoscope, (and for some experts) the birth chart, but do you know the “path of life”? Thanks to a series of defined calculations, this technique derived from numerology allows you to know the outline of your destiny, but also to simply learn more about your personality and that of your loved ones. To do this, nothing rocket science… Or almost!

To calculate your life path, you will have to add all the digits of your date of birth, until you find a number between 1 and 9 (the 0 is never counted in numerology). For instance :

10/09/1995 = 9 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7

In our example, the final number is therefore n°7. It will then suffice to refer to the following meanings:



The 1 are independent, dynamic, energetic, in short, they do not stay in place. They have incredible strength and are able to move mountains to achieve objectives. He wants everything to be himself, putting aside the expectations of his family or society.


The number 2 is calm and composed, it is attached to its family, its circle, its roots, its values. Its evolution is slow and with many changes of direction. They are very diplomatic and absolutely want everyone to be happy.


The 3 is bubbly and optimistic, which can sometimes distance them from the harsh reality of life, they are receptive to their environment and their mood directly depends on it. He lives from day to day and is very spendthrift, but he always lands on his feet…


The number 4 represents organization, the ability to work efficiently and complete projects: he is a workaholic, who will make an excellent entrepreneur if he wishes. No door is closed to him! He is emotional and sensitive, but he often hides what he feels.



The number 5 represents travel, activity, movement, travel. It is a path of life filled with transformations and the unexpected. The 5 has a very strong desire for freedom which complicates their romantic relationships.

No. 6

Life path 6 is the one where free will is expressed the most: it is the path of love, peace, harmony, home, family, but it must make certain concessions and adapting to others to find personal peace.


The life path 7 represents all that is analysis, inventions, research and interior work, spirituality, religion: very independent, it needs solitude to recharge its batteries. Their evolution is often slow because they need to see things through before being satisfied.

No. 8

The 8 represents power, money, financial balance and the acquisition of goods: it is a difficult path because it includes risks and accidents! The goal of this path of life is to become aware of one’s potential and thus to realize oneself completely.


No. 9

Life Path 9 people are looking for an ideal of their own, they are utopian and can have trouble seeing the reality of life. Dynamic, bubbly, but independent, he will be happiest if he is his own boss.

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Numerology: what is the “life path” and how to calculate it?

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