Numerology: discover the meaning of your civic address

What if we told you that the number of your house or apartment address could have effects on the energy that revolves around you? That with a simple numerology calculation of your address you could discover the vibes of your accommodation?

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Good. If you are not too into astrology and numerology, this article may bore you. For others, know that you may be surprised to learn what your address has in store for you.

To know the numerology of your house or apartment, you must first reduce your address to a single digit by adding each number of your address until you obtain a single number.

For example: you live at 5218 avenue des Érables = (5 + 2 + 1 + 8) = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7. Your apartment number is therefore 7.

Also note that letters have numeric values. You will only have to add the value of the letter to the result of the addition of your address.

For example: you live at 185B rue Fabre = (1 + 8 + 5 + 2 (which is equivalent to the letter B)) = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7. Your apartment number is therefore 7.

Here are all the numerical values ​​of the letters:

1 = Y, Y, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = Q, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

Now that you have found your house number, find out what your address numerology has in store for you!

Home 1

The Independence House

Are you a lonely person aiming for a high-level career and great freedom? You probably live in a “1” house. The energy of this number refers to innovation, ambition, individuality, leadership and above all independence. House “1” is the ideal place for those who have an active career and always have a new project in motion. If you live in a house that has this number, however, you may find it difficult to meet a life partner. However, it can be a good address for those who have just separated and are looking to reunite. Take it and leave it!

Home 2

The house of love

Do you live in a “2” house? Everything suggests that it is in this house that you will have the best chance of building a solid and harmonious relationship, in love or in friendship. Nothing less. However, you should be aware that this little nest will make you want to cut yourself off from the rest of the world and will probably make you very emotional. Also, if you live alone in a “2” house, you might feel sad about not sharing your daily life with people. Take it and leave it!

Home 3

The house of positivism

This house is that of joy, creation and communication. In this house, you will want to socialize and express yourself. This is the perfect place to create and even start a family! If you live in a “3” house, you will definitely want to participate and organize a host of activities. Be aware, however, that the money could slip through your fingers as your projects are too numerous. To be continued…

Home 4

The House of Stability

Good news for the inhabitants of house “4”, they will feel safe there and will have the impression of being able to carry out many projects. Faithful, diligent, organized… This is what describes the energy of the “4” house. If you plan to expand your family (by adopting a dog, perhaps) or even start an entrepreneurship or invest in your RRSPs (phew!), now is the time to do it. Residents of the “4” house often have very concrete ideas and aim for a slow and stable way of life. If you are looking for a sense of freedom… You will be unhappy there. To have!

Home 5

The party house

Forget your responsibilities! House “5” is the perfect place to party and organize crazy adventures. Flexibility, social, freedom describe well this house where everything seems possible. It is also in this house that the greatest ideas will see the light of day and that fears will be forgotten. Live fully and without regrets, this is what awaits the inhabitants of the house “5”. It is often a place of transition where you will probably not be able to live all your life, especially if you want to build a solid and concrete daily life.

Home 6

The house of beauty

House “6” is ultra warm and filled with love. It’s a beautiful place that will make you want to take on new challenges, such as starting your own business or even building your family. If the house “6” is perceived as the house of beauty, its inhabitants will have to learn to let go and abandon their little perfectionist side. In the “6” house, you will be able to grow and learn to trust your visionary ideas. This residence often resembles its inhabitants and will allow them to flourish. House “6” is also said to be a good place for animals!

Home 7

The House of Introspection

The inhabitants of the house “7” will want to deepen a little more their own vision of life. This house, which focuses on tranquility and spirituality, is an ideal place to get to know yourself better and to listen to your intuition. This house focuses on intellectual activities and internal travel. If you’re the “tequila, Heineken” type, you might find your life in the “7” house a bit heavy. If you’re a writer or a teacher, you might be perfectly happy there.

Home 8

The house of power and money

No doubt, if you are someone who likes to flash, you probably live in an “8” house! Financial abundance, authority, control and the realization of projects are at the heart of the atmosphere of this prestigious residence, whose decor is reminiscent of the windows of luxury stores. The inhabitants of the “8” house will tend to accumulate many possessions. They are also usually very good with pennies and for them this is a sign of success. In addition, they will want to give back to others and will show great generosity. The “8” house is also a great place to start your own home business.

Home 9

The humanitarian house

Changing the world, one glass of wine at a time. This is undoubtedly the vibes who hides behind the house “9”. The latter is a place of gathering and pleasure where creativity and positivism come together. The inhabitants of the house “9” will want to help those around them and work on their personal spirituality. Love, compassion and the well-being of all are the core values ​​of this home. Your house is probably your gang’s headquarters. We meet there to relax on Sunday afternoons or even to spend a few days there, if we need to recharge our batteries.

This text should be taken with a grain of salt! It is greatly inspired by this article!

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Numerology: discover the meaning of your civic address

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