Numerology 2023: personal year 7

Numerology 2023, personal year 7

Year 7, a depolluting year.

In 2023, taking a step back each time it becomes necessary should become a reflex for you. In year 7you have to very quickly locate the brake pedal, let go of the ballast, run away from stress and optional pressures, identify what does you no good and refocus on the essentials. Less action and more thinking: this could well become your leitmotiv because it is well how you will find solutions to your small and big recurring problems. Do you know how to relativize? Are you using pause mode enough? Do you know how to calm things down and take the time to live, to decompress? If this is not the case, you will have to learn… because year 7 is considered “depolluting”. It is essentially in this perspective that we can end up finding it positive. Throughout this year 2023, ask yourself the right questions and slowly get closer to what really motivates you. To avoid this year: wanting to rush things, having your head in the handlebars, letting yourself be manhandled by stress. It won’t be the time, the rhythm won’t lend itself to it: the vibration of 2023 is neither concrete nor realizing and if you don’t want to hear it, you will be disappointed and frustrated by the well-known slowness of year 7. It nevertheless seems that you could sometimes be pleasantly surprised by certain events of 2023. It is therefore especially when you expect nothing that this year will surprise you.

Numerology of love 2023, year 7

What if in 2023, you listened to yourself more? In any case, if you feel a certain discomfort, you will have to take advantage of this year 7 to ask you the right questions about your relationship. If you need to isolate yourself a bit to get there, don’t hesitate! You may need time for yourself. Don’t worry: the other will get used to it… If problems arise, don’t get into the debates, get high, relativize. Sometimes you have to give time to time. In 2023, the head will often speak more than the heart and reflection will have to take over emotion.

If you are single : being alone also allows you to think about what you want and what you no longer want. In any case, this is what you should do this year, before plunging headlong at the risk of repeating the usual mistakes. Already ask yourself what you want from your next date and if he or she doesn’t tick all the right boxes, let it go. It is also said that theyear 7 is conducive to secret love: in 2023, you could therefore tame the famous “to live happily, live hidden”…

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Numerology 2023: personal year 7

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