Numerology 2023: love, work, money… here is your life path for the next year!

We are at twilight of the year 2022 which was emotionally intense. To face 2023, nothing better than consulting an ancient discipline that never fails to give us its predictions: numerology. You can find out here what awaits you from January, depending on your date of birth! This is a very old method whose reference is the philosopher Pythagoras, who studied the relationship between numbers and life. It is linked to the fact that, starting from the name and the date of birth, each person obtains a particular numerical code which vibrates with universal harmony.

Astro: how to calculate my life path for 2023?

For numerology, the year 2023 promises many good things. But why ?
Because the sum of the digits that make up the coming year gives us 7, (2+0+2+2+3=7). It is well known thatand this number has a magic component and is linked to luck and good fortune. We can therefore hope that this is a good omen for the next twelve months!
To get your life path for the coming year, the calculation you need to do is very simple.
For example, if your date of birth is 18/1, you will need to add 18+1=9+1=10/1, to this single digit total you will need to add the year 2023/7. In this specific example, the person will enter the year with the number 8, January 18 until January 18, 2024.

Here is your annual numerology for the year 2023 and its meaning!

If your number for 2023 is 1:

When the number where it all begins is your destiny number, spectacular beginnings are traced according to numerology. It means that you would do well to project yourself into things that you have never tried, or that you were afraid of. With the number 1 as the number of destiny, it will be a year to try and dare!

If your number for 2023 is 2:

This number evokes duality, and partition. You might need to take some distance from something in order to understand it better. Two is a number that is receptive, and is good for relationships of any kind, but especially romantic ones. The best thing to do this year is to be open!

If your number for 2023 is 3:

Three is the number of an unstable but active and restless energy. The year may have many unforeseen events, but at the same time it will be exciting and not boring. Thanks to the fun and sparkling energy of the three, you will be able to develop your intellectual talents with acuity and spontaneity. Make the most of it.

If your number for 2023 is 4:

The number four in numerology represents a square.
It symbolizes stability and quiet strength. It will probably be a year of consolidation and continuation of projects already started. It will also be a year that will reinforce your values.

If your number for 2023 is 5:

In numerology, the number five represents the senses of the human body. It is a capricious number that will make you enjoy the present and the now as much as you allow it to. The more you receive what happens to you, the more this number will allow you to open up! Be prepared for a hectic year!

If your number for 2023 is 6:

The number six indicates that your year will be governed by an energy of belonging. Your family could grow. But he also speaks of moments of harmony and beauty that you could live. This number is related to art and love. Focus on these two points in 2023!

If your number for 2023 is 7:

If your number for 2023 is 7, you will be in tune with the energy of the year, which is very practical for you! This number is related to luck and money. You will be able to win in various aspects of your life, but above all, you will be able to grow spiritually. Live it to the fullest!

If your number for 2023 is 8:

Eight is a number related to work. Associated with Saturn, it indicates that it will be a phase of hard work, but which will pay off. The year 2023 will not be a period of rest for you, be warned, but the results of your dedication will exceed your expectations. Go forward.

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If your number for 2023 is 9:

The number nine is linked to universal love. It’s a closing number, and a closing number. It will be a year of closure and cycles of closure. It will be a year of emotional release and ending commitments. Live it with gratitude and let go of what needs to go.

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Numerology 2023: love, work, money… here is your life path for the next year!

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