Numerology 2022: calculate your personal year number and your guardian number

To start, add the number of your day of birth and the month, and total it with the 6 of that year. Attention, keep all the numbers above the digits from 1 to 9.

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For example: 18 (day of birth) and 2 (month of birth). 18+2 is 20, 1+8+2 is 11 or 2+0 is 2. These numbers are used by me to calculate each year, my numbers of my new and personal new year, what is actualizing from this background, proposes itself as a field of new experiences. It would be interesting for you to calculate your numbers and figures, and see how the number of your personal year will color this realization. In addition, you can take into account the guardian numbers that will wink at you.

Interpretations of your Personal Year Numbers and Guardian Numbers

Remember, these figures and these numbers are to embody, to feel, to vibrate. Some numbers stand out not only in your birth and year numbers, but also in an appearance in your daily life. These are the guardian numbers, they are like signs, alerts launched, winks, cuckoos from the invisible, some would say angels. According to their numbers, the larger they are, the more they involve different connections to different planes of the invisible and the visible.

1 (10/19)…Awakening your creative consciousness

It’s time to stop following what already exists, to hand over your power to this or that, to someone. No copy-paste to live, but to offer all your singularity, your creative potential drawn from you. Realize the creator that you are, the spark that has become your Light. The balance sheet has taken place, it remains to move towards the new and to boost each other in their own creativity and process of individuation. If you see the number “10, 100 or 1000” appear, or a series with “1 and 0”, it means that you can integrate into your life the dimension of the “Aleph”, that is to say the power of creation and to be creative in humanist service, but also by waking up to the best of the womb. It’s time to live as a star, in its solar radiation from its unconditional center. Beware of distortions, ego inflation, spiritual ego recuperation.

2 (11)… Unite, get out of conflicts, a choice to live

Number of the current year, and so this is your year! Everything is possible for you, it’s a good year to best experience the expression of feminine energy, of your receptivity, of your alliance in consciousness. The moment to realize the unions, the associations which go in the direction of the heart in joy. The opportunities are there to express your touching sensitivity, your needs and fully experience the answers. Cooperate, practice the polarities in lemniscate, not in opposition. It is time to get out of ambiguity and live in a conscious unity that which connects. Perhaps also quite simply, a time to dare a couple or deepen an existing bond. If you have the “11”, which appears, your work can find a “planetary mandate”, and it is time for the ego to serve a greater task from what it intuits, is inspired by. , canalyie. This is all the more true if you see appearing often, numbers with 11, 111 or series with “2/1”. It’s time to open up to what’s beyond you as an ego.

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3 (33)… A year for great achievements

You cannot remain entrenched, waiting for decisions. The lover of the year makes his choice and activates it! Year of the achievements of your personality. The ego is not to be forgotten but to be played as a magnificent instrument. It remains to tune in and play with the world in joy and for the world! All the elements of creation hold together, nothing is alone. The third point makes it possible to understand the links of interdependence, to be in supervision and to resolve the “2”, the duality, the conflict. It’s time to say to yourself, “I’m three! “. You have a film to make, the film of your life. You are the director, the actor. If you see the number “33”, “333” or series with “3” appearing, it means that you can make yourself heard, give direction(s) to the world, participate in a major achievement. . Be careful to be in his place, without abusive authority and not to force. The 3 burns with a powerful and creative fire.

4 (22)…Year for labor in happiness

The work begins! The 4 is in harmony with the year, there is work waiting for you, there is something to live with, to go to the most urgent, that is to say, the essential to embody. So it’s time to build, to participate in the construction of the world, in one way or another. Also to integrate the female line, and to live the love of mother earth. How are you living at home and with your family? This will be important in this year, more than ever. The 4 calls for a solidification, and to center oneself in one’s body. If you also have the number “22”, it is your year in phase with 2022! your work can find a “planetary mandate”, it is time for the ego to be at the service of a greater task, by lending strong hands. This is all the more true if you see appearing often, numbers with 22, 222, 44, 444, 114, 144 or series with “2 and 4”.

5 (50/55)… Living the Freedom of Your Life

Now is the time to focus your energy into the center of your Being, to refocus to make all the right choices. At the crossroads of your life, what direction? What freedom and independence do you allow yourself? A year to take advantage of his deep experiences and to bring out all the light, open all his senses to radiant life. You could also agree to be a mediator, to gather, to extract the essential, what is best for happiness. A year to cultivate a silence and a fertile inner pacification. Number of the middle of the course, and therefore, a time of refocusing, of mediation, of meditation, also of balance of the other numbers. If you see appearing the number “50”, “55”, “555”, or series with “5”, it is because you can integrate the dimension of freedom and Being in its totality and help the others, or to create gatherings of positive energy. Be careful not to believe yourself to be the center of the world, but at the center of Being.

6 (66)…The choice of conscious love

Number of the current year by the addition of 2, our arcane VI. It is also twice 3, a unity of his soul and his possible ego, in a conciliation of harmony. A year 2022 this time to find all your faith in love and dare your choice with regard to what brings you in love. This is the time to participate in bringing harmony, which connects. The time to make the art of living radiant and communicative. Sentiment will be the small voice to follow. The couple is a royal road to the unconscious wrote Jung. A year also to live an intense sexuality by welcoming this feeling, “six” possible and it will be! If you see the number “66”, “666”, or a series with “6” appear, it means that you can integrate the dimension of love on a larger scale than the ego, than the affective, the primary sexual. It remains to live in the best of harmony between everything, between everyone.

7 (77)…Finding peace and its radiance

It is a year to meditate on your place in the world, to find your inner center, where there is an unfailing peace. Find peace and it will be your participation “222”, even in the transmission of your knowledge. The 7 learns what is perfect, what is done as accurately as possible. This is why silence, the present is essential to it. A year for meditation, while letting its light illuminate and make useful its knowledge. You have the whole palette of 7 notes, 7 colors and 7 chakras to experience all this, see, seventh heaven! A year to welcome in its 7, its “Snow White” and cultivate its diamond mine. If you see the number “77” appear, or series of “7”, it means that you can participate in the world peace plan and give testimony of your faith in your actions. Be careful not to isolate yourself in a tower, an idle, evasive contemplation.

8 (88)…Infinity in the Heart

It is time to accept to receive, to legitimize abundance, while using it with benevolence. Let infinity release held beliefs. Live in a dynamic balance of polarities, and not freeze them or try to maintain a “measure”. The time to practice Tai chi, free movement, flexibility in daily rigor. It is said to be the number of karma, in the sense that it carries within it the symbol of evolution and not just for personal matters, but in bonds. If you see the number “88” appear, or a series with “8”, it means that you are ready to take advantage of abundance, and to energize the evolution of consciousness in a fair balance. Be careful, however, not to fall into the intoxication of power and always more, even to lose yourself in the “absolute” or the endless.

9 (99)… Gestation of a new birth

The results of nine years, maybe more…? A year to bring out the wisdom and do something altruistic. A year also to get back to “new”, feel the call for renewal and participate in it, get out of the “egg”. What was the first egg of creation? What if time did not exist, and beyond that an eternity was in the present of your heart? This is the time to live fully in consciousness and presence, anchored in faith or intense trust. This is the time to be present and feel a unity of love. Do not let personal or spiritual pride blind you, the 9 invites simplicity without judgment of oneself or others. A hell of a year for you. If you see the number “99”, or series with “9”, appear, it means that you are ready for a humanist planetary mandate, of active and collective benevolence. That is to say, to non-violent demonstrations, gathering of presences in peace. Let it be so everywhere in the world and the 222 vibration will spread in light in the hearts, its universal frequency will vibrate with love in the bodies. Be careful, however, not to play the savior.

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Numerology 2022: calculate your personal year number and your guardian number

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