Murder of Lola: the number 10, at the heart of the enigma?

The number 1 and the number 0. The number “10”, written in red under the feet of little Lola, appears in the row sordid discoveries made by investigators Friday night to last Saturday. That evening, around 11:20 p.m., a homeless man alerted the police after having found, in the courtyard of a building in the 19th arrondissement, a strange plastic trunk, giving off a strong smell of bleach.

Inside lies the tortured, mutilated and partially dismembered body of Lola, 12 years old, the daughter of the guardian of the residence.

A few hours later, Dahbia B., a 24-year-old Algerian national, is arrested. She tells the story, in detail, of an afternoon of horror.

Around 3 p.m., when the young Lola returns from college, she would have apostrophized her before dragging her to her sister’s apartment, where she is temporarily staying. There, she orders him to take a shower, before imposing a rape on her, then suffocating her… and horribly mutilate her body, which she ends up hiding in a large green plastic trunk.

The suspect then leaves, accompanied by an acquaintance, in the suburbs of Paris, carrying her macabre load with her. At 11 p.m., Dahbia return to the scene of the crime, and deposit the trunk in the courtyard of the building.

For nearly a week, investigators have been dissecting the profile of this woman with a dark pastto try to understand his terrible gesture… and thus pierce the motive of the crime.

Why would the young woman have put these numbers on the victim’s feet?

Especially that the number 10 seems to come up repeatedly in this case.

The little Lola was born in 2010. The crime took place in October, the tenth month of the year.

And on his TikTok accountsince deleted by the platform, Dahbia B. had a curious obsession: each of his videos was posted on the 10th of the month. The last one even dates from 10/10, a few days before the tragedy.

“A higher power”: the meaning of the number 10 in numerology

The number 10 is certainly quite present in our daily lives, in general. We have for example ten fingers, on the feet and on the hands, and the grading system out of 10 is quite common in our school system, but also, more broadly, in the decimal number system.

But in the investigation, and around the portrait of the main suspect erected until then, it would seem that this banal number is of particular importance.

The ten Commandments, the ten plagues of Egypt, the ten lost tribes… The number 10 is, for example, very present in the Christian religion. Shortly before the tragedy, Dahbia B. would have rightly mentioned to her relatives her desire to convert to Christianity. A disturbing coincidence?

In numerology, the 10 also has a very special symbolism. “It’s the first number. It is a stronger number than 1, like a reinforced 1. It is therefore associated with a dynamic, leader, very powerful side.explain to us Anne-Marie Pellegrin, professional numerologist. For example, continues the specialist, we often draw a parallel with football players who wear jersey 10, corresponding to the playmaker”

It is a number that is in a higher power, with good like bad aspects… It all depends on how you use your strength. – Anne-Marie Pellegrin, numerologist

For the expert, the recursion of the 10 in the course of Dahbia B. conceals “probably a hidden message, linked to his personal history... She may have experienced a tragedy at the age of 10, or in 2010…”, speculates the numerologist.

The arcana number 10 of the tarot, a worrying omen

In tarology, an additional discipline of numerology, the number 10 corresponds to the arcane of the Wheel of Fortune.

“ In its dark side, The Wheel of Fortune expresses the events that confuse and that the consultant undergoes without being able to intervene on them. It is also the financial difficulties and the loss of personal bearings. Finally, it is asking too many questions and thinking too much”, can we read about the blade on the magazine’s website She.

“On the downside, this blade is a bad omen, it evokes imbalance and instability”, explains the medium Esteban Frédéric on his website.

The number 10, associated with satanic rites?

Another rumor is circulating about the presence of the “10” on the body of the little victim. It was relayed by Georges Fenech, a former magistrate and former right-wing elected official, in the program Do not touch My TVWednesday, October 19.

“It reminds me of the affair of the children of Zouhris, usually blondes with blue eyes, who are considered to have powers in Algeria (…). They are kidnapped, sacrificed, their blood is drunk and there are satanic rites. On this poor little girl, there was the number 1 on the sole of her left foot, and the number 0 is exactly the satanic ritual Zouhris in North Africa,” he commented.

However, the hypothesis of a “sacrifice”, a “satanic rite” or even a “racist crime” has been widely denied by the lawyer of Dahbia B. Me Alexandre Silvawhich affirms that none of its tracks are, for the time being, considered.

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Murder of Lola: the number 10, at the heart of the enigma?

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