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Published on September 24, 2022 at 3:15 p.m.

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“It’s 5:05 a.m., Paris is waking up,” Jacques Dutronc could no doubt have sung if only he had been a numerologist. But what does this mirror hour of dawn reveal to us? We tell you everything.

Aficionada of mirror hours, you do not miss one and do not miss an opportunity to touch your nose, red or even wood to bring you luck? This article is for you. Neophyte of double hours, you have no idea what we are talking about? This article is also for you. Discover the hidden meaning of the mirror hour 05:05 according to the esoteric practices of numerology, angelology and the Tarot of Marseilles.

What is a mirror hour?

Mirror hours, also known as “double hours”, are not hours in which you can reflect yourself in order to put your makeup back on. Joking aside, these hours have the particularity of presenting the same numbers several times. For instance 04:04 or even 10:22 p.m. If you tell yourself that it gives you a good leg, think again: these hours would be in numerology small signs sent by the Universe. According to popular belief, seeing a double hour brings good luck or at least a wink of fate telling us that we are on the right path.

5:05 a.m. in numerology: time to channel your crazy energy

It’s probably the most conducive time to move of all: no wonder, it’s when the sun is pointing the tip of its nose. 05:05 is the repetition of the number 5, which, in numerology symbolizes energy, creation and joy. In astrology, 5 is the number of Lion and the Sun: the desire to get up, go out and walk for hours is very present here. But this mirror hour brings us a good lesson in connection with the symbolism of the number 5. Or: “There is no point in having the sacred fire if you do not know how to control it. In a previous article, Caroline Drogo explained to us: “This mirror hour indicates that we have overflowing energy. The hour is precisely a sign that you have to seize the opportunities but above all stay organized and not go all over the place. » 05H05 enjoins us to give ourselves frameworks in order to let our creativity express itself fully. In short, not to exhaust yourself unnecessarily but to plan where and how to spend your energy to make the best use of it.

05H05 in angelology

According to the esoteric belief of angelology, 05:05 has even more to teach us. This practice associates each hour a guardian angel, who has a message to bring us. Here, it would be the angel named Hekamiah who would come and leave us a little mail. The lesson of the day (or rather of the hour)? Stay the course, remain honest and not bend on our principles to see opportunities available to us and luck smile on us.

05:05 in love: mail from the heart

To understand the impact of this double hour on romantic relationships, we must draw inspiration from the Tarot de Marseille card associated with it: arcana n°5, that of the Pope. He represents the archetype of the sage (or the guru, it depends) capable of giving advice and guardian of a well of knowledge. Falling on “05:05”, in the context of love, could mean that it is time to entrust your doubts or questions to someone you trust, and ideally one who is experienced. It’s time to contact the equivalent of the Pope in your entourage, or to send a letter from the heart. The goal ? Strengthen ties and perhaps become aware of a hidden truth. Because let’s not forget that 05:05 is the hour of awakening.

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Mirror hour 05:05: here’s what it means – Elle

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