Method 777: the technique that guarantees success and money on TikTok

Are you about to embark on new projects, want to change your routines or simply have more confidence in yourself? The 777 method has been a hit lately on TikTok to make your luck grow. And if you also tried the experiment?

To achieve success in everything you do, the essential thing is to believe in it! Having become classic, this maxim is nevertheless the adage taken up by the 777 method, which is all the rage at the moment on TikTok to boost your luck. By practicing it, according to the influencers who talk about it and explain how to reproduce it, the results would be almost instantaneous in terms of achieving real success. Result: the hashtag #777method has since been viewed more than 10 million times by users of the social network. Do you want to try ? Find out what it is first!

Method 777: the art of making your luck grow

This concept uses the method of numerology to achieve its ends, in other words, to attract luck and success to oneself. The optimal goal is to obtain the benefits of the number 7 in order to attract the positive towards oneself. This figure would be ideal for boosting thinking and analytical skills, faith and commitment to ideas. Do you dream of setting up a business and seeing it succeed, do you want to seduce the chosen one of your heart, do you want to become richer or have more self-confidence? It’s up to you to find the goal to achieve that concerns you.

Method 777: how to apply it?

All you will need to embark on the adventure is a pencil, a pen and a good dose of willpower! Determine your intentions clearly by asking yourself the reasons for your desires. What are the intentions that drive you to want to achieve this goal? Your intentions set the stage for your desires to materialize. Once you can coherently define what you want and the context in which you want it, your manifestations also become clearer.

-Write on your paper seven times in a row your first and last name.
-Finally write down your goal or wish seven times.
-End with a short note describing how you want your wish to come true.

You can then keep the paper in a secret box, or keep it under your pillow, burn it… as you wish.

The Coué method revisited by the 777 method

This 777 method is reminiscent of the concept developed at the beginning of the 20th century by polytechnician and pharmacist Émile Coué. The latter considered that any idea that was repeated several times in the mind to anchor it deeply became a possible reality. “If, being ill, we imagine that recovery is going to take place, it will take place if it is possible. If it is not, we will obtain the maximum of improvements that it is possible to obtain” he explained in his reference work.

Method 777, do you really have to believe it?

A very old pseudo-science, numerology associates beliefs, properties and practices with numbers. It is often questioned and can make people smile. Whether or not you decide to believe it, you might as well say to yourself that conscious autosuggestion will never harm you, quite the contrary, and can only boost your ability to act and your self-confidence. You also have to know how to see the signs where you don’t expect them.

Take note of the little things and express your gratitude for them. So why not give it a try?

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Method 777: the technique that guarantees success and money on TikTok

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