Mercuer – A school of numerology in the village

In southern Ardèche, L’Alchimiste des Numéros is making its third comeback. For a year, Isabelle Lefebvre teaches her students a divinatory art less known than astrology in France. Did you say esoteric?

They come from all walks of life. From the four corners of France, from Brussels to Belgium, from Australia even to learn numerology in Ardèche. Look for the word in the Larousse. You will find the following definition there:number-based divination“. In other words: the art of advising someone on a life course, according to what the numbers indicate. That sounds like astrology, but it is not. “Astrology is what you see in the sky, numerology is what you measure with numbers“, summarizes Isabelle Lefebvre, numerologist in Mercuer, in southern Ardèche. This professional has set up her practice for 28 years in the small village located not far from Aubenas. She has received, in more than a quarter of a century, profiles of By observations and calculations, for example based on the date of birth of the person or on a surname where each letter corresponds to a number, she manages to help her clients to make a decision. Whether we believe it or not, its activity has continued, responding to a real demand beyond the very borders of the Ardèche.

Many requests during confinement

However, with the first confinement, this Ardéchoise felt that many French people needed to take better care of themselves, to reflect on the meaning of their existence, to turn to other things. “I had more requests during the Covid period, and this prompted me to found a school, to train people who, like me, would like to create their own practice or start this activity in addition to their job.she says. Also, I found that many people had trouble understanding numbers. So, I adapted and I created Rainbow Numerology – a registered trademark – which translates the numbers into colors. It’s more affordable for most people“.

Officially a pseudoscience

A technique, then a school, therefore, appeared in southern Ardèche. In September 2020, thanks to new technologies and videoconferences, she made the first start of her institute, The Alchimist of Numbers. Same thing in September 2021. This year, a real face-to-face start of the school year has been organized and it has been postponed to October 2022. The students – around ten – are divided into two level groups. For the founder of this unusual place of learning, the idea is to transmit ancient knowledge that many find mysterious, esoteric and without concrete effect. Officially, numerology is considered a pseudoscience, that is to say a discipline presented under scientific appearances, but which has neither the approach nor the recognition. Isabelle Lefebvre denies it: “My work is almost mathematical, and the numbers don’t lieshe says. I’m not a clairvoyant, far from it. Thanks to the number, it is possible to know whether it is expedient, for example, to change jobs or for an entrepreneur to recruit someone. Many companies call on me“. If there is no official body, such as a federation of numerologists in France, L’Alchimiste des Numéros is referenced, according to Isabelle Lefebvre, in the catalog of Pôle emploi. And the latter was recently invited to the fair Zen of Paris.

Concretely, it offers three possible courses, each time at a distance. First, an accompanying training with Arc-en-Ciel numerology, where participants learn to interpret the profile of their clients using color calculation software. Lasting five months, it includes webinars every two weeks and five individual meetings. Price: 1,550 euros. Then, training in Rainbow numerology, to become a professional. Lasting eight months, it includes online webinars every fortnight, one individual meeting per month, two numerological calculation software, a student zoom for training, the material necessary for the consultation, and a referencing on the Alchemist of Numbers® site for one year. Price: 2,450 euros. Too expensive these two formations? Response from Isabelle Lefebvre: “Compared to the hours of work that this represents, I don’t think so!” And to add: “There is a less expensive formula, from 80 to 450 euros to learn in particular the basics of classical numerology on the websites and and which is aimed more at those who want to discover and understand the numbers without making it their professional or complementary activity”.

Whether we are convinced by the validity of this divinatory art or not, one thing is certain: Isabelle Lefebvre does not force anyone to enroll in her school!

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Mercuer – A school of numerology in the village

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