Lydie Castells: Numerology, keys for our year – Episode #164

Anne Ghesquière receives in Métamorphose Lydie Castells, numerologist and lecturer recognized in France and in the French-speaking world who has developed tools such as Strategic Numerology or the tree of life. She is co-author of her third book at Editions Eyrolles, Numerology your personal year. She sheds exciting light on 2021 and how to use numerology on a daily basis. – Episode #164

In this episode with Lydie CastellsI will cover the following topics:

  • Where does numerology come from and what is it? Already Pythagoras – philosopher, mathematician and scientist – born in 580 BC, sought to explain nature and the universe by numbers. He was the first thinker to have given a symbolic interpretation to numbers.
  • What are the recent studies on numerology and what about current numerology?
  • How did you come to be passionate about numerology?
  • What is numerology used for in everyday life and how can we use it?
  • You also talk about the 10 numbers and three master numbers?
  • You have discovered notions that allow everyone to find their 7 fundamental needs to be in harmony with life, what are they related to the definition of our fundamental triangle?
  • How to determine our innate qualities and our potential?
  • What does 2021 already tell us as a year in the vibrations of numerology? What can we expect? Is this what you call the universal year? How does it influence us?
  • Your new book on numerology is called “Your Personal Year”? What is that ?
  • Are you talking about the importance of integrating the time factor into our lives to facilitate our choices? Should we analyze the seasons of our life?
  • Can you explain to us what are the great cycles of life? Periods, years, days, quarters… How to play with that?
  • To go into more detail, how to optimize your personal year and determine a goal for the year? A concrete example ?
  • Why do you talk about vibrations that influence us on a daily basis and their link with numbers, our numbers?
  • What is the plan of life and how can we use the periods of our life to be in the flow?
  • For example with his children?
  • What to do if you are not “in the flow” but you have things planned or important desires to achieve? How to adjust to the vibration?

Who is my guest of the week, Lydie Castells ?

Lydie Castells is a recognized numerologist and speaker in France and in the French-speaking world who has developed a tool: Strategic Numerology as well as the tree of life and its 7 keys, the fundamental triangle which allows you to discover your gifts and talents, your basic needs and his life purpose. She is co-author with Didier Durandy of this new book: Numerology, your personal year and which follows his previous works Numerology and Intuition, and if we really listened to it ? All this to Editions Eyrolles.

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Some quotes from the podcast with Lydie Castells:

“The numbers that characterize us have a vibration that influences us”
“What interests me is to make each individual autonomous and actor of his life”
“The second millennium asks us with the number 2 to move towards exchange and sharing”
“Numerology is there to prove that our intuition is good”
“There is no bad day, there is to be in adequacy or not with the day”

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Lydie Castells: Numerology, keys for our year – Episode #164

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