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Are you really in agreement for each other? Take the first name test without delay to find out your love compatibility! For the night or for life, we tell you everything!

Love compatibility in life or in bed can be measured differently only with the astrological signs! In effect, through numerologydiscover your love compatibility by the numbers! So, are you ready to find out what’s behind your other half’s first name?

How do you know if two first names are compatible?

Are your first names compatible? Numerology answers your question! For it, first you need to calculate your figure and that of your pretty partner. Each of the letters of the alphabet has a numerical value. It is therefore a question of identifying the values ​​linked to the letters of each of the first names of the couple and then of adding them. For information, here are the numerical equivalences to help you take the first steps in numerology.

  • 1: A, Y, S
  • 2: B, K, T
  • 3: C, L, U
  • 4: D, M, V
  • 5: E, N, W
  • 6: F, O, X
  • 7: G, P, Y
  • 8: H, Q, Z
  • 9: I, R

The sum of these values ​​gives a reduced number between 1 and 9. For example, if you roll 26, you reduce 26 to an addition ( 2+6 = 8).

Each number corresponds to specific character traits. Thus, to test the compatibility with your future soul mate, all you have to do is decipher the symbolism of the numbers obtained! The 4 is traditional, the 3 is a free thinker, the 1 is positive, the 8 is a go-getter… to each his particularities! It is then a question of associating your figures and of watching if the combination looks favorable. Numerology is an excellent love indicator, let yourself be guided!

How are the Jean in love?

For example, first name the first name John. Let us help you get to know this first name better. To begin with, John is a 3, a creative and free-thinking personality. With many projects and innovative ideas, Jean is a real wisp. Jean also knows how to be balanced and full of wisdom. He is a cheerful friend, an entertaining presence and an attentive lover. If Jean succumbs to your charm, you can be serene on his loyalty and devotion. A true gentleman, he will concoct superb romantic evenings for you and do everything for your happiness. However, watch out for his little heart! Jean is very sensitive and could experience a disappointment in love badly.. John could perfectly agree with people of numbers 5. The latter are admiring and strongly attracted by his intelligence!

What are the compatible signs in love?

To seduce your partner, you can also look into the love compatibility of your respective astrological signs! Here are some examples of winning duos!

The fiery Aries and the atypical Aquarius have excellent love compatibility. Adventurers, epicureans and independents, they understand each other perfectly. They are both passionate lovers and a duo of best friends!

Sweet Cancer and the solid Taurus are destined to end together! Complicit and romantic, they are also very complementary. The two reassure each other.

Finally, the delicate Libra could well be seduced by his mischievous Air brother, the Gemini. These two signs are very witty and playful. They push each other up without feeling threatened!

To learn more about love compatibility, discover The most compatible zodiac signs under the duvet.

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Love compatibility: the names that really go together! – Here is

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