Love and numerology: all about couples 1

Good love compatibility is one of the pillars of a lasting relationship. If you are couple 1, here is what numerology says about the future of your couple.

If you are wondering about the compatibility of your couplethe divinatory arts can provide you with answers. Nothing that your Zodiac signs already allow to guess the potential of your couple to hold in the long term or not. Love compatibility as well as sexual compatibility can bee guess thanks to the astrological sign of each partners. There are, for example, signs that are made to get along and to build a lasting relationship. Others tend more to break more or less quickly despite a good start.

Apart from astrology, you also have numerology to study love compatibility of your couple. In numerology, you study more precisely the life path of your couple to deduce the compatibility. As with your own life path and that of your partner, the life path of your couple goes from 1 to 9. You can learn to do life path calculation in a few seconds. Your couple must necessarily be a couple 1, a couple 2… or a couple 9 depending on the result of the calculation.

Love compatibility for a couple 1

To calculate your life path, add all the digits of your date of birth. The goal is toget a number between 1 and 9. If the calculation gives you a two-digit number, 23 for example, continue adding them. In this example, you get 5. Proceed in the same way for the calculation of the life path of your partner. Your couple’s life path isaddition of your life path and that of your partner. Do not forget, as long as you do not obtain a number between 1 and 9, you must continue the reduction.

In the case where your couple path is 1, you can expect some struggle of egos within your couple. You and your partner have more or less strong and enterprising personalities. A couple 1 requires a bit of effort from both sides to last over time. A couple 1 actually tends to disagree, even to argue often. This is one of these troubled couples. This does not mean that a couple 1 is doomed to failure, far from it. Couple 1 can work perfectly provided that everyone makes concessions.

Love and numerology: all about couples 1

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