Life Path 9, Year 9 Numerology

Numerology character 9:

Dynamic, lively, enterprising, you are communicative and outgoing. Cheerful, almost always optimistic and in a good mood, you are a real sweetie! Altruistic, generous, you are emotional, a born humanist. You love others and life, which also makes you love the various pleasures of life. You have a hypersensitivity that often plays tricks on you and you tend to be particularly empathetic. You like to learn, discover, travel (and that in many ways). Voluntary and determined, you always achieve your goals. Independent, you have trouble fitting into the mold or bowing to authority, but you can be particularly understanding and ‘obedient’. Right, honest, you are reliable, sincere, direct and frank.

Silver Numerology 9:

For you, money is only a means to achieve your desires. So you use it to make yourself concrete in life. However, you maintain ambivalent relations with him, sometimes rejecting him and wanting to win at all costs. So your journey is made up of ups and downs.

Numerology work 9:

To be happy, you need to feel free and independent in your actions. Not liking monotony, you aspire to passion, novelty and you are constantly thirsty for knowledge or adventure. You are avant-garde and your intuition often pushes you off the beaten track. You refuse submission, the established order, which does not, however, prevent you from working as a team or for someone, the main thing being to feel free in your movements as well as in your decisions. Surprising, astonishing, your background is often atypical. Your orientations: all areas of travel, tourism, communication and exchanges. Counseling, listening, professions related to law, international affairs, research, science, the military, the police… Sometimes psychology, clairvoyance, astrology, magnetism, well-being, massages, humanitarian, audiovisual…

Affective numerology 9:

You are a passionate idealist and you need to feel loved. Thus, you do not conceive of your life without emotional or affection! Demanding and dreamy, you tend to believe in Prince Charming and you are ready to look for him all your life. Romantic, caring, loyal, you expect to share your life with someone witty, gentle, generous and honest, which often leads you to experience some disappointments. Anyway, you need to go a real long way with someone and you can through your quest stabilize yourself late. Although sincere and faithful, you find it difficult to love only one person because you tend to want to love the ‘whole world’ because of your humanistic side.

Social Numerology 9:

There is no denying that even if you can sometimes distance yourself from others or be on your reserve, you are a sociable and social being who does not see his life without a friend. Thus, over time, you build up a small but sincere circle of friends.

Well-being numerology 9:

You are energy! Thus, lively, fast, efficient, voluntary and dynamic, you are always moving forward without asking yourself any questions. You must still pay more attention to yourself and ensure that you have a balanced rhythm of life, otherwise beware of reminders from your body. Your weak points are: liver, stomach, hips, legs, spine, pelvis…

Materials, colors, minerals numerology 9:

Raw materials, wood, stone… Your colours: purple, fir green, apple green, sky blue, brown, shades of plum, yellow, beige…

Astrological correspondences and numerology tarots 9:

Sagittarius, Aquarius, Jupiter, Chiron. Tarot cards: the Chariot, the Hermit, the Nameless Arcanum, the Star.

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Life Path 9, Year 9 Numerology

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