Life Path 7, Year 9 Numerology

Numerology character 7:

It is the figure of knowledge, of curiosity par excellence. So, you need to discover, to understand the things around you. A true investigator, you are a born investigator! You like to measure, weigh, take a step back, examine, even dissect the events or the people around you. If you sometimes lack spontaneity or open-mindedness, you are far from unsociable! Calm, patient, you always evolve at your own pace without taking into account criticism or current logic. You are quite avant-garde and if you know how to let your intuition go, you can do wonders. You love travel and that of all kinds… Cerebral, sensitive, spiritual, intellectual, you can brag about feeling at ease in many areas.

Silver numerology 7:

Of a cautious and anxious nature, you are very careful about your expenses and you know how to limit yourself. Moreover, you often set yourself a fairly inflexible line of conduct that allows you to maintain a good financial balance throughout your life, despite the vagaries.

Numerology work 7:

You are quite structured in your way of working and you never do anything at random. Thoughtful, demanding, you need to master the sector of activity in which you operate. A very good executor, you are nonetheless a great independent who nevertheless knows how to integrate and work in a team very well. Not liking routine, you need a job that moves and you are not against a few changes. Your orientations: activities related to law, justice, notary, science, economy, IT, biology, crafts, publishing, writing, history, teaching, education, sometimes travelling, art, psychology, astrology or numerology…

Affective numerology 7:

You are quite complex when it comes to love and you want everything and its opposite. Thus, you can very well aspire to harmony and balance and then the second after claiming your independence. This sometimes earns you a winding sentimental path! At the same time thoughtful, introverted, you never reveal yourself completely and you like to let doubt hang over you. You advocate free union, trying things out before really embarking on a real relationship, which sometimes makes you miss out on very good or long stories. Demanding, you are very selective.

Social numerology 7:

Does not become your friend who wants! And yes, you have a fairly critical view of others and you know how to demonstrate a certain sense of ‘selection’. In fact, you quickly sense the people who are good for you and you don’t burden yourself with superficial or interested friends.

Well-being numerology 7:

Rather dynamic, enterprising and lively, you nevertheless find it difficult to manage your energies and this hampers your momentum. Thus, you must learn to evolve in a balanced context, otherwise you risk quickly running out of energy. Your weak points are: the kidneys, the lower back, the nose, the legs, your hypersensitivity, blood circulation…

Materials, colors, minerals numerology 7:

Silver, bronze, materials or natural fibres. Your colors: shades of parma, pink, blue, cream, shades…

Astrological correspondences and numerology tarots 7:

Libra, Sagittarius, Venus, Juno. The tarot card: the Chariot.

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Life Path 7, Year 9 Numerology

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