Leisure – It’s almost back to school at the People’s University of Bourges

Last Friday, the popular university presented its new season, under the leadership of its president, Dominique Paulin. He again presented a very eclectic program consisting of 101 courses and, among them, sixty-four new ones. These courses are distilled by fifty-two speakers, including fifteen new ones. “Courses can be anything from lectures to lectures or workshops. There are classes that only take place once and others that are broken down into twenty-six sessions, ”says the president.

New workshops at the People’s University of Vierzon

The 41st program has its recurring appointments such as wine tasting but also Spanish, English, West Indian cuisine, magnetism, numerology, Windows protection, the search for the black gold of Berry (the truffle ).
About five hundred people attend the People’s University. “Before the Covid, we had 1,200 people and we hope to find them over the year,” he adds. The program is prepared from March according to proposals from stakeholders but also from the association.

A Taoist meditation on water and harmony

Among the new speakers, let us mention Gérard Naudy, history teacher at the Banville high school in Moulins, who will explain the left-right divide since antiquity and, in another lecture, the history of the far right, going back well before the last twenty years. Gérard Coulon, honorary chief curator of heritage, offers two conferences, one on Roman maritime engineering and the other on aqueducts and water supply, still in the Roman world.

The complete program of Heritage Days 2022 in the Cher

Frédérique Marciniak will offer a Taoist meditation on water and harmony.
Impossible to name all the courses, but there is also an introduction to graphology by a professional in the sector, Christine Dubois. Mandy Brice, another newcomer, offers English lessons to survive everyday life. It can be useful. Jean-Pierre Saulnier will also speak for an hour about being free.
The UP even found it judicious to propose a revision of the highway code, “just to redo one’s conduct”.

Journey to Italie

Another novelty, the popular university is trying to attract other audiences by shifting certain courses outside working hours, either 7 p.m. or 7:30 p.m., and also by setting up courses on Saturdays. Membership is still 15 euros. Then people have to pay piecemeal. This ranges from 6 euros for one hour to 155 euros for twenty-six foreign language course sessions.
Note an outing to Rosières, next May, for fifteen or thirty people with, of course, a visit to the Foundry Museum.

A trip abroad to Italy, for eight days, by coach for twenty-five people for 1,250 euros all inclusive, is also scheduled. “On average, people take two or three lessons, but there are others who take thirty. They are diligent, ”says Dominique Paulin.

Practice. Classes resume in October.

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Leisure – It’s almost back to school at the People’s University of Bourges

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