First name love and friendship compatibility: find if you are soul mates thanks to numerology.

Are you an incorrigible romantic? Or are you wondering if you would be a good friend to someone? No need to pull out your tarot cards or call a random clairvoyant. The answer is written in the numbers! Yes ! For all the pragmatic fact checkers out there, we are pleased to introduce a little thing called Chaldean Numerology. The faith behind is that each number corresponds to a vibration in the Universe. We, as important parts of this vast universe, represent these combinations of vibrations and form a person with their own personality, hopes, dreams, fears, regrets, good and bad signs… So, we have a test first name compatibility to discover your soul mates!

Find your love and friendship first name compatibility

There are several ways to find out if you are compatible with someone. Of course, the Zodiac signs, hobbies, time spent together, shared interests and beliefs, and mutual goals. However, if you are someone who believes in the alignment of the planets and who looks to the stars for guidance, you have come to the right place. We’ll tell you about numerology and even show you how to take a test involving your name and that of another person. No need for one lucky plant when you can trust the numbers. In fact, we have already done this test according to Pythagoras. However, to feed your curiosity and confirm your results, we offer you the Chaldean name numerology chart. What awaits you? Are you this person’s soul mate? Will your life paths merge harmoniously into one, or will you follow different paths? Let’s find out together!

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a pseudoscience. Let’s start with that. It is the belief of a connection between a number or movement and coincidental events. It is also the study of the numerical value of letters in words and names. Yet, it is rather frowned upon by society, as it is considered part of the occult. Any attempt to discover the mysteries of the universe and the connections between our souls is considered supernatural. Just like tarot cards or moon rituals.

Here is the Chaldean Numerology Chart that will help you calculate and determine your relationship status based on the mysterious and carefully calculated vibrations of the Universe. Each number corresponds to a letter. Write your name and surname on a sheet of paper. Then mark which letter corresponds to which number. Now let’s see how to calculate the future potential of your friendship and romantic connection with the person of your choice.

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The desire of the heart

We will use the names Anna and Pierre to give you an example of the exercise. To find out if you’re romantically compatible, here’s what you need to do. First, write the number corresponding to the given letter. Then, for this particular test, you will need to write only the vowels. For instance : ANNA1 * * 1 = 1+1=2 / PIERRE* 1 5 * * 5 = 1+5+5=11. We have a very strong bond here. We have two master numbers right here 2 + 11. See the point below for more information on numbers.

The friendship test

Research the consonants now to find out if your personalities will fit together like friends. Anna and Peter:
ANNA* 5 5 * = 5 + 5 = 10 / PIERRE8 * * 2 2 * = 8+2+2 = 12.

First name compatibility: what are the most powerful numerological numbers? 1 – 4

1 – It’s the first issue, so naturally, it’s the most daring of them all. When this number appears in your chart, know that you need to focus on personal development and balance in your life. These people are great at relationships and can make anything work by being logical and open to communication.

2 – This number represents the duality of a person, just like Gemini. Sensitivity and romance take over this sign and can sometimes become careless, getting lost in romance. They need to be guided by numbers like 1, for example. One will balance the other.

3 – It is by far one of the most symbolic numbers in the Universe. It represents the trinity, the heights and the ascension of the soul. The people represented by the 3 are artistic, sensitive and very intelligent. However, they tend to withdraw into themselves and thus isolate their loved ones. Work on this.

4 – The next logical individual takes the helm. These people are practical and work very hard to achieve their goals. However, they can get carried away with their plans and downplay the importance of intimate relationships.

First name compatibility: what are the most powerful numerological numbers? 5 – 9

5 – Under the sign of freedom, these carefree souls can never settle in one place. It takes someone very special to make them settle down and merge his dreams with theirs.

6 – Empathetic, loving, family oriented and a great friend. Number 7 is compatible with almost everyone and open to all possible communication, if it helps to stabilize the relationship.

7 – Quick-witted and inventive, but also flawed… If you have a 7 in your equation, you must be more skeptical of the intentions of others towards you. Be sure to reevaluate your relationships and look at the bigger picture.

8 – This person wants an abundance of love, friendship, warmth and positive feelings in general. She has a natural magnetism that can attract almost anyone, but if she is too possessive, she can repel the other. Pay attention to your limits and those of others.

9 – Insensitive to transformations and new beginnings, this person is very good at giving a second chance. However, do not abuse his goodness, as the chances are often limited.

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First name compatibility


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Besides, look to the stars to guide you, as our ancestors did.

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First name love compatibility test: cards or numerology.

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Well… have you taken the test yet?

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