Discover the most unusual tea rooms in Paris!

Emblematic of the Parisian lifestyle, tea rooms abound in the capital. Among the most iconic, there is of course Carette whose story began one fine day in 1927. In Paris, there are also a few quirky tea rooms, those who transport you to another universe. Bewitched tea room, with Asian flavors, in the effigy of a comic strip… At snack time, treat your taste buds while offering you the escape! Over here the good addresses…

Long & Tee, the cutest tea room in Paris

Photos: Paris Secret

At the heart of Long & Tee, beauty and goodness become one. On site, you will be able to taste some cutenesslike creative trompe-l’oeil pastries. At Paris Secret, we love the mango mousse in the shape of cheese, embellished with the famous Tom & Jerry, or the chocolate mousse in the shape of an adorable puppy and a sleeping bear. If we literally fall in love with these desserts ultra Instagrammable, we would hardly dare to touch them for fear of damaging them…

Long & Tee Tea Room – 39 Rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris

Esotericism and gluttony at Café Contresort in Paris

Unusual tea rooms and cafés Paris
Photos: Café Contresort Paris

A wind of mystery and esotericism breathe on the Café Contresort in the capital. Nestled in the rue des Portes Blanches, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, this quirky tea room promises to bewitch you. On the menu ? Some sweet and savory 100% vegetable sorceries and splendid potions or elixirs to drink. To complete the experience, many events are organized at the Café Contresort. Numerology, tarot & cartomancy evenings… Will you give in to the temptation of this magic break ?

Cafe Countersort – 11, rue des Portes Blanches, 75018

T’Xuan Paris

Unusual tea rooms and cafés Paris
Photos: T’Xuan Paris

Fancy a one-way ticket to China without leaving Paris? Right in the capital, T’Xuan is a unique and atypical tea room which promises to transport you to the heart of the Celestial Empire. Carved wooden chairs, red walls, fans… If the decor promises escape, the journey also continues on the plates. We like to find ourselves in the heart of this address in the 9th arrondissement to savor Mille-Feuilles crepe cakes with lychees and rose, cushions of mango pancakes, around a green tea or jasmine tea.

T’Xuan Teahouse – 56 rue la Fayette, 75009 Paris

The 2 D Atelier comic book café

Unusual tea rooms and cafés Paris
Photos: 2D Workshop

Becoming the protagonist of a cartoon vignette, have you always dreamed of it? Direction the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, in the heart of the 2D Atelier Asian café. By pushing the doors, you are literally propelled into the decor of a black and white comic strip. Optical effect, furniture designed as a two-dimensional image, graphic lines… Between alb and ebony, Asia is drawn in comics from floor to ceiling. In this hypnotizing decor, we taste wheel cakesspecialties of Taiwanese origin, around Bubble tea, chocolate Oolong tea or a tasty Matcha Latte.

2D Workshop40 rue de Réaumur, 75003 Paris

Nina’s Marie-Antoinette tea room

Unusual tea rooms and cafés Paris
Photos: Nina’s Paris

Place Vendôme, in the 1st arrondissement, blows a wind of royalty. Heir to exceptional know-how, Nina’s Marie Antoinette has been supplying the French Royal Court since 1676. Moreover, the brand is the only one to offer products made from fruits and flowers. We thus find aromas like those found at the Court of Versailles, according to the favorite recipes of Marie-Antoinette herself. At the heart of this tea shop ceremonial, you will be transported into the sumptuous universe of the Queen of France. Moldings, gilding, porcelain tablewaremarble bust of Marie-Antoinette, delicate materials, powdery colours… Nina’s is the queen Parisian tea rooms!

Nina’s Vendome – 29 Rue Danielle Casanova, 75001 Paris

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Discover the most unusual tea rooms in Paris!

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