Company. I tested for you… numerology to make a decision

I didn’t know much about numerology. It was vaguely confused in my mind with astrology, clairvoyance or even divinatory tarot.

So when I was offered to test, I accepted in order to learn a little more about this practice…

It is on the occasion of the release of box “Numerology in action” that I was able to meet its three authors, Lydie Castells, Natacha Calestrémé and Lysiane Lévy.

With this box, their ambition is to adapt numerology into cards, in order to make it accessible to all.

“It’s not a divinatory art!”

I need a little briefing. What is numerology exactly? “Numerology uses the symbolism attached behind each number”, begins Lydie Castells, specialist in numerology.

She explains that we can use numbers that correspond to us, by making calculations from our first names (each letter corresponds to its number in the alphabet) or our date of birth in order to know its gifts and its life objectives. , “useful for children, for example”. But, in the case of the box set, the cards she created with Natacha Calestrémé and Lysiane Lévy are really about helping decision-making. She warns: “It is above all not a divinatory art! We are not saying that things will happen but that there is a field of possibilities.”

For numerology, everything can be translated into numbers. For example, the year 2021 (2+0+2+1=5) was the year of change and daring, assures Lydie Castells. The year 2022 (2+0+2+2 = 6) will be the year of gathering, of love.

Good. It’s still a little fuzzy in my head. With an example, it will be better.

“You have to ask yourself an open question. You can keep it to yourself, but you have to have it in mind”, explains Lydie Castells. “Everyone has their own protocol for drawing cards. Me, I do it barefoot, I breathe while thinking about the question asked to concentrate well, I shuffle the cards then I draw. Others shuffle them a set number of times. You can also fan them out and pull one out.”

Want to believe it

I have a question about… let’s say a life change. What attitude should I adopt in relation to this desire for change? It’s Lysiane Lévy, entrepreneur and in training on numerology with Lydie Castells, who shuffles the cards for me.

I tell her stop and she shoots. The 22+ card comes out. Exclamation in the three women. “You have to go all out!” Laughs the young woman. She reads to me what the orange card says: “I build +++. I build with scope and scale; I put all my energy to the benefit of the action; I work for the collective interest, I avoid content with small projects; I believe in my gifts; I put my inspiration, my intuition, at the service of a global project.”

I am very Cartesian, but a little encouragement never hurts. “In fact, it’s a tool for strategic thinking,” says Natacha Calestrémé, journalist, author and twin sister of Lydie Castells.

And I believe that, for those who do not particularly believe in the symbolism behind the numbers, we can take it like that. A bit like with the horoscope, which gives sufficiently general statements in which everyone can recognize themselves. But which still gives a little boost… Because we still want to believe it!

Box “Numerology in action”, by Lydie Castells, Natacha Calestrémé and Lysiane Lévy, Editions Le Courrier du livre – 23.90 euros.

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Company. I tested for you… numerology to make a decision

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