The far-right group Les Brigandes, linked to a mystical community, announces its dissolution

The news went unnoticed but, on September 9, the music group labeled extreme right The Brigandes announced its dissolution. According to the statement put online on their site, media vindictiveness and the health crisis got the better of their musical business: “Our work is behind us: the 12 albums of Les Brigandes will remain the testimony of a UFO of the French musical scene, a swan song of free and protest song.​​​​​​ » This music group, thought to be made up entirely of women masked with a wolf, made a name for itself with very political songs. We can still listen today “France is fucked”Where ” Get the hell out of here “. Jean-Marie Le Pen even graced them with an appearance in a song the group dedicated to him in 2018, titled Mr Lepen.“When a Philippot shoots him in the back, that’s not what depresses him. In the wind, the storm, there is nothing that can stop it »we hear. “This song is beautiful”is moved Jean-Marie Le Pen in the clip.

So the Brigandes are over? “We do not believe in political solutions, writes the group. Rather than contesting society, which we cannot profoundly change as much as it requires, it is better to try to create another one. » A press release signed by the Brigandes, but also by the “Community of the Rose and the Sword”. Because if this group seems exclusively composed of women close to the far right, a man is at the helm: Joël LaBruyère, at the head of the spiritual community based in La Salvetat-sur-Agout in Occitanie and at the origin of the creation of the Brigandes. The Community of the Rose and the Sword, which has changed its name several times, is involved in several legal cases and monitored by the public authorities and associations fighting against sectarian aberrations.

“Easier to be a fascist than a guru”

“This is one of the most emblematic cases of sectarian aberrations that I have had to deal with”tell to Marianne Master Rodolphe Bosselut. The lawyer defended former followers of Joël LaBruyère who managed to get out of the community. “It’s almost caricatural he continues. LaBruyère has constructed a smoky ideological hotchpotch, made of conspiratorial odds and ends. The Brigandes are just an “acceptable” showcase of the sectarian community he has created. » The strategy was daring, but it worked: by placing the Brigandes on the far right, Joël LaBruyère enabled his community to find political allies. “He demonized himself by using the far right, we have to admit that it’s clever”decrypts Master Bosselut who adds: “Basically, it’s easier to be seen as a facho than as a guru. »

However, the Community of the rose and the sword, built by Joël LaBruyère, is indeed part of a mystical ideology. At the heart of this spirituality: an affair of the elven kingdom. “Joël LaBruyère calls himself “Eliohe”, he is the self-proclaimed military leader of an elven kingdom and believes to be the reincarnation of great historical figures like Genghis Khan”, explains Rodolphe Bosselut. A phenomenon amplified by Covid-19: “The pandemic has heightened their distrust of government and mainstream society. The so-called “liberticidal” or “attacks on their freedom” laws have reinforced them in the idea that the outside world is totally satanized.we are told by the National Union for the Defense of Families and the Individual (Unadfi), which helps people who are victims of sectarian aberrations.

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Rodolphe Bosselut filed two complaints, in particular for concealed work, in 2015 and 2016, against the leader of the Brigandes and the Community of the rose and the sword, on behalf of former followers. The latter left after the behavior of Joël LaBruyère became more and more worrying. In the complaint, one can read in particular that he “succeeded in imposing his hold on the members of the group thanks to a process of classic conditioning passing from the phase of seduction of the follower to that of the destruction of their personality (…) He used emotional fragility or emotional of the followers, of their thirst for absolute or commitment. » It also points to the work provided, without any remuneration and “with timetables allowing for stupefaction, seven days a week”.

An investigation opened for assassination

This is not the only case that concerns the group of Joël LaBruyère. In January 2020, the Obs revealed that an investigation had been opened against X in Belgium for ” murder “ of a follower. This one suffered, according to a testimony collected by our colleagues, from cancer and would have been “suffocated by two of its nightlights”, in 2011, in order to shorten his suffering. The facts would have occurred a few days after his marriage to a member of the community. Today, the investigation continues. In France, the complaints filed by Rodolphe Bosselut have still not been successful. “It’s under instruction”indicates the lawyer, tired of a legal procedure which lasts for five years.

The National Union for the Defense of the Family and the Individual (Unadfi) is concerned for its part about the “insurgent climate” prevailing in the community. “We know that these people train for combat. They live like a medieval society organized around a monarch: Joël LaBruyère”we explain to Marianne. According to several sources, this announcement of dissolution could well hide a new change of name, or mode of action. A strategy that is clearly reflected in the press release from the Brigandes: “Stopping the Brigandes will allow us to free up more energy for our collective, as we plan to reorganize as a more dispersed and less visible network to adapt to the difficult times ahead”warns the group.

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The far-right group Les Brigandes, linked to a mystical community, announces its dissolution

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