Gabon: the young “Queenny” reappears in a mystical temple, 2 months after her disappearance!

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Missing since Sunday, November 14, 2021, Quenny Doria Abeng Edou Minko returned to her parents’ house on Tuesday, December 28. Indeed, it is accompanied by a spiritual guru in the name of ” Saint Joseph » and two women among whom « Saint Maria “, that the kid reappeared unbalanced with the spirit visibly Dformatted.

Gabon the young Queenny reappears in a mystical temple 2

This is one of the most complex cases which is being resolved before the competent judicial authorities. Indeed, leaving her parents’ house on Sunday November 14, 2021 for study reasons with her classmates, a young compatriot by the name of Queenny Doria Abeng Edou Minko will not return after nightfall. An unusual situation that pushes his parents to deploy from police station to police station to report a disappearance.

An approach that will prove fruitless. Because, no one could know where the young student was. Then, the missing person allegedly made a phone call to her mother. ” Stop looking for me! “, she reportedly said. According to the family, Quenny’s voice wasn’t clear. It’s like someone is forcing her “said his father. Then will be born the hope of finding her alive and healthy. Only, the phone number used will now be unreachable.

The soap opera is relaunched on December 28, 2021 when individuals come knocking on the parents’ door very early. By opening the door, Quenny’s dad would have seen his missing daughter accompanied by 3 individuals. Which present themselves under the identities of Saint Joseph and Saint Maria, for the first two people. Received by the family divided between anxiety and joy, the first city will announce to the father that he has come to drop off Quenny Doria Abeng Edou Minko.

“She is now ready,” he reportedly said. Intrigued, Queenny’s parent questions Saint Joseph about what would have been done to his child. And why did they keep a young girl for so long without telling her parents? What Saint Maria will answer “ we are not like the people of your world. We don’t watch TV, we don’t really use the phone “. Answers that only reinforced the intuition of the father of the child.

The rest of the interrogation will be made only of strange revelations. Questioned in her turn, Quenny declares having gone to Saint Joseph through one of her friends whom she would have met at the Pk12 roundabout. After a brief conversation, she admits to having begged her friend to take her where she lives. There, she said, she would never have been subjected to any physical torture. Shocked, his family filed a complaint against Saint Joseph and his acolytes. Back with her family, Quenny seems mentally disoriented.

A situation that worries his dad who has the firm conviction that Saint Joseph and his relatives are spiritual gurus who exploit the minds of naive children. ” Today the child arrived, it’s true. But in what state ? She is in the clouds. Where she will sit in a place that she will stare at for a long time. When she leaves home it’s for church where she develops bizarre ideas. For her, Jesus no longer exists and she prays to a physical God who is more powerful than him. said the father. The case is taken to court. The family hopes for more diligence so that it results in sanctions against the 3 individuals and their organization “ odd “.

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Gabon: the young “Queenny” reappears in a mystical temple, 2 months after her disappearance!

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