Côte d’Ivoire: Multiplication of banknotes, a mystic reveals: “It is with paper and chameleon ash that the marabouts do these practices” – KOACI

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Babou Niang

The race for easy money is taking on increasingly important proportions in our African societies. As a result, traditional African values ​​which were the pride of this continent such as integrity, a taste for effort, work and respect for sacrosanct principles, are set aside in favor of certain un-Catholic practices which lead to wealth without effort.

Among these practices, figures prominently, the proliferation of tickets bank to which many people turn in the hope of financial fulfillment. But how do the authors of this practice, who are marabouts and charlatans, go about multiplying these tickets bank?

The revelation was given to us this Saturday, November 20, 2021, by a mystical responding to the title of teacher Babou Niang, from Mali. The man who prides himself on being the father of all wizards in Africa and the world number 2 in magic, is currently staying on the shores of the Ebrie lagoon, as part of a “major international conference” on “the role and place of traditional culture in the resolution and prevention of conflicts in Africa and in the world” at the Sports Palace of Treichville.

In the first part of his presentation to an audience of participants made up of nationals of the sub-regions, Ivorians and administrative personalities, the speaker managed to capture everyone’s attention with his revelations on the multiplication process. from tickets bank. “Today, marabouts or charlatans claim to make people rich by multiplying tickets bank. You send them 500,000 FCFA and they promise you 5,000,000 FCFA in less than a week. But if these people are endowed with such great power, why don’t they do it to get rich themselves? It’s a scam”, he introduced, before explaining a little further how this multiplication is done.

“The charlatan will first strangle the chameleon with the color of the ticket that we give him. Then, he takes pieces of paper that he cuts while respecting the shape of the ticket in question. He enters a secret place where he resides for a week. During the seven days, he has a bottle in which he urinates. These are satanic practices. It is with this urine that he performs his ablutions on Friday evenings from 5-6 p.m. He then takes the chameleon and cremates it with the color of silver that same Friday evening between 5 and 6 p.m., a time during which Muslims must not pray. But it is at this hour that he prays. He does his two raqats, which are actually for Satan. Because, instead of saying Allaouh Akhbar, he says Akhbar Allaouh. He recites key passages from the Koran upside down 27 times, then he gets up naked and takes the ashes of the chameleon he cremated and pours it over the cut-out papers. He makes incantations and here are the tickets. In reality, these tickets are the photocopies of tickets genuine given to him. That is to say that if you give him 100 million FCFA, he will fill your suitcase with 200 million tickets identical that have the same number. Here’s the scam,” explained the professor Babou Niang.

The international expert in African sciences and traditions has also denounced other practices such as white magic, black magic, red magic and revealed secrets about diseases, including cancer, prostate and many others. So many phenomena and evils which, according to him, do not advance Africa.


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Côte d’Ivoire: Multiplication of banknotes, a mystic reveals: “It is with paper and chameleon ash that the marabouts do these practices” – KOACI

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