Yoga classes and accessories: La Carde, the Esquièze-Sère wool factory, focuses on well-being

La Carde, the wool factory in Esquièze-Sère, is doing well. Also thanks to new advantages: a range dedicated to well-being. Who will be enriched this summer with… yoga classes!

“We have customers who come specifically for our well-being range, explains Damien Lafond, one of the co-managers of the La Carde family wool factory, based in Esquière-Sère. This range attracts new customers, who come to the store and who often leave with more than just a bolster. It works by word of mouth. »

Here, in front of the looms, where there is an information panel.
DDM – Gaëtane Rohr

About two or three years ago, her sister, Aude Lapierre, effectively combined her passion for yoga and her knowledge of wool, to develop a range dedicated to this practice, including meditation cushions, bolsters to help with certain postures, sports bags…

A cocooning range

Damien Lafond continues: “At the same time, we have developed a well-being furniture range. » With a key piece, which they call the « cozy toy », a giant cushion, out of stock at the time of our visit. But for “not long”, warns Damien Lafond from the outset. Because the company works “at extra-tense flow” and never keeps a lot of stock.
The small company, with the fifth generation in charge, works well and surfs on the attraction of the French for local products. If the Covid years have penalized the company, which also works a lot with visits during the tourist seasons, it shows, on average, 10% growth every year. It has also just hired two people on permanent contracts, to reach a total of seven employees.

Yoga classes with a view of the Pyrenees

But Damien Lafond, his sister and mother Martine Lafond are not resting on their laurels and renewing themselves to continue to be in tune with the times and seduce consumers.
Attract a younger clientele
This is how this well-being range will find a new outcome with yoga classes that will take place on the first floor of the store, with a view of the Pyrenees. Aude Lapierre already teaches at Arcizans and will therefore offer her classes at La Carde. With, perhaps customers interested in accessories. Zumba classes should also take place.

Attract a younger clientele

The aim here is to attract “a younger, more dynamic clientele” and “to introduce wool differently. Because on the site where the courses will take place, it is also an interpretation center that must see the light of day.
Namely, new didactic panels, as there are already at the factory, which is freely accessible. They will come back to the tradition of pastoralism, the use of water, the architecture… An orientation table will also allow you to get your bearings and identify the peaks.
A project born more than six months ago and which should fully take shape in mid-July. “Everything is ready to receive the public, welcomes Damien Lafond. All you have to do is install the panels! »

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Yoga classes and accessories: La Carde, the Esquièze-Sère wool factory, focuses on well-being

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