World Cup: after the defeat of the Seleçao, the Brazilians between sadness and nostalgia for the “past splendor”

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Beaten on penalties by Croatia, Brazil said goodbye to their dream of a sixth world title. A bitter defeat that arouses anger, sadness and could resurface political tensions.

“We will finally be able to return to normal”. After the elimination of Brazil on penalties, Friday evening, by Croatia, Isabel made up her mind. And, icing on the cake for this left-wing lawyer, Jair Bolsonaro, the outgoing president, “It will not be the photo he was hoping for with Neymar»if the Auriverdes had succeeded in winning the“hexa”, their sixth World Cup. Twenty years after the fifth crown of the most successful selection on the planet, the “dream of the hexa” again came to a halt.

Many believed it this year. “We Brazilians always believe in winningspecifies Gabriela, crossed in an equestrian center which diffused the match on giant screen. And this time, even more, because it’s been a long time since we won a World Cup. If Gabriela doesn’t make a mountain of it, “for a majority of Brazilians, this elimination is something very sad”she still believes.

“Despite the Croatian pugnacity, no one in Brazil imagined a defeat”, adds Rodrigo, still incredulous. Especially since the Brazilian press, generally very severe towards the Seleção, was confident. If Rodrigo thinks “disappointed”it is above all, specifies this entrepreneur, because “Winning the trophy would have made things easier as the country is going through a complex political phase”. A modest reference to extreme polarization of opinion after the presidential election of October 30 last, won on the wire by Lula da Silva facing Jair Bolsonaro.

The president-elect, for his part, split a diplomatic declaration against the number 10 of Brazil, declared voter of his opponent. “Neymar scored a great goaltweeted Lula. The team applied and deserved better. Moving forward ! In life, you can’t give up.”

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The commentator and ex-player Casagrande, meanwhile, is less lenient, recalling that for the fifth World Cup in a row, Brazil went out by a European team, “mean” moreover. “We only won against a weak formation, South Korea [en huitième de finale, lundi dernier], which was enough for the chauvinists to decree that the Seleção is a “phenomenon”. However, as in 2018, we have no team, just players on the pitch.

“Sad, but relieved in front of a promising new generation”Casagrande pushes: “If the next coach is a bit smart, he will take Neymar away from these young players so as not to rot them.” In office for six years, the current coach, Tite, gave up his apron yesterday. It’s here second time Brazil have been knocked out – in the quarter-finals – with him.

Even the Buddhist monk Coen Roshi abandoned the Zen attitude to challenge him. “Why was Neymar not lined up for the penalty shootout?” questioned, in a video posted on the Instagram network, this popess of meditation. “Bravo, Titus! You managed to piss off the monk”amused Internet users.


Miguel, he is not having fun. In his eyes, the positions of certain players, who openly supported Bolsonaro, have “deflated” number of supporters in a political climate already “tumultuous”. “The population kept a distance from this teamobserves this elderly man. We know the names of the eleven members of the Supreme Court better than those of our players. Especially since they evolve in Europe and are more concerned about their career than the national jersey.

Miguel will now support Portugal, the former metropolis. “Never Argentina”, neighbor but arch-rival. His throat tightens. It evokes Pelé – hospitalized – or again, these other Brazilian gods of the stadium that were Garrincha, Gerson or Rivellino. “They were playing for the love of the sport, not for the money.continues the old gentleman. They were real idols. Today we have mercenaries.” An opinion widely shared here.

Herbert, in his thirties, observes that the “Copa” had despite everything “succeeded in temporarily making our political divisions forget”. “Before, we challenged each other with invective. And now ?” Saw him in the Seleção “a great team”. Edson, his colleague, was less confident. It sums up the general feeling in this great footballing nation which begins to doubt. “In the past, only Brazil knew how to playsays Edson. Today it leveled off. We are no longer the best in the world. We live off our past splendor.”

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World Cup: after the defeat of the Seleçao, the Brazilians between sadness and nostalgia for the “past splendor”

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