With storyteller Hoomkid, managing emotions is child’s play

Hoomkid is a new kind of storyteller intended to ensure the well-being of our children by allowing them to better manage their emotions through a therapeutic approach.

A storyteller at the service of the well-being of our children

Emotions play an essential role in our daily lives, towards ourselves and our way of reacting, but also in our interactions with others. The emotional life of our children is changing and eventful. It is necessary to help them to see clearly and to familiarize themselves with it. Moreover, the undigested emotions of the day strongly affect children’s sleep.

Hoomkid was created with this desire to teach all children to better manage their daily emotions. A captivating story box, without waves or screens, blocking the traditional screens and which condenses years of experience in child consultations. A toy for 3-10 year olds, both educational and fun.

Indeed, young children are often at a loss when faced with the heavy mental burden imposed on them by their feelings, and Hoomkid is an innovative solution in this area, placing the expertise of several psychologists, yoga teachers and sophrologists at the center of his initiative.

The principle: 96 audio contents, built like an animated film without images, which contain explanations of what children experience on a daily basis, in the form of immersive stories told by tender animals.

Building the adults of tomorrow

Livlab, a company specializing in stress and sleep management, puts its expertise at the service of children with Hoomkid, after winning over a million users with its products for adults.

“Many adults suffer from anxiety and insomnia, and this is largely due to difficulty managing emotions. Our generation, the parents of today, did not grow up in a world where personal development, psychology, positive education, understanding of inner mechanisms were as present as today.

We now have both gentle and powerful tools that help us build ourselves from within, and at Livlab we were keen to bring to the next generation what we didn’t have. Help build the adults of tomorrow and bring peace of mind to the little ones.”

A real solution to the emotional management of the child

Developed under the pedagogical direction of Elisabeth Couzon, clinical psychologist, author, specialist in emotion management and MBSR (meditation-based stress reduction) instructor, everything has been thought out to offer parents welcome help in managing emotions and sleep of their children.

The proposed stories take the child on an inner journey through which he will find everyday situations and learn to manage the emotional response they cause. A universe populated by fabulous animals whose problems strangely resemble his own. Yumi the little whale making her first migration will show how to apprehend change, Amada the Fennec, how to find her place in her siblings or a group of friends, or even Irene the moray eel, how to apprehend the gaze of others.

By identifying with the characters, the child learns about himself and the world, and finds a state of inner peace.

Written by Pauline de Falco and Florence Millot, child psychologists and authors, the stories are inspired by the recurring problems they encounter in consultation.

This innovative storyteller offers no less than 96 quality audio content, including 48 stories, 24 meditations, 6 philosophical tales, 6 yoga postures and 12 soundscapes.

With two modes available, namely the “calm” mode and the “awakening” mode, La conteuse offers 6 different worlds to children, to adapt to their mood and their needs.

These address several feelings such as joy, anger or even fear and self-confidence.

Considered a real gem of awakening, several relaxation techniques have also been placed discreetly within the stories told. Evidenced by the sophrology, hypnotherapy or even meditation that contribute to the success of this ingenious and cleverly thought-out storyteller.

For parents, it is a daily tool to help defuse potential inner conflicts that the child himself may not have identified. A welcome aid, especially at bedtime, to soothe and relax the child.

A credible alternative to screens

Each audio has been entirely crafted to provide an experience that is both educational and fun. It’s a team of screenwriters, narrators, professional actors, and sound engineers who have been mobilized to offer an immersive and captivating experience, and to make children want to use it as often as possible. A real animated film, without screens!

In particular, in a world where tablets and other screens are ubiquitous, the challenge was to compete with these harmful objects with a toy that is just as interesting for the child, but beneficial to his cognitive development.

And it’s a successful bet, since the company has received numerous testimonials from parents attesting to children’s interest in the storyteller, to the point of preferring it to tablets and telephones.

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With storyteller Hoomkid, managing emotions is child’s play

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