With Fondacio, a weekend to take care of your couple

After the start of the school year, professional and associative life resumed its rights. Inevitably, everyone has their concerns in mind, the trip abroad which requires leaving very early, the preparation of a board meeting for the following weekend, the prospect of a difficult client meeting which involves insomnia, etc.

Monsieur realizes that he forgot to warn Madame that he was supposed to meet a colleague tonight to prepare for this deadline. Ouch! She is registered at the Spanish hostel for the start of the school year, and he had to babysit. Inevitably, it gets stuck and we get annoyed…

A parenthesis by the sea

“Professional life takes up a lot of space, and invites itself into homes, especially with teleworking. The session proposed by Fondacio, “Couple and job, what balance do we want?”, is a parenthesis for spouses, it takes place by the sea – a very pleasant setting »announces Antoinette Martin, who will lead it for the second year with a team of couples and a pastor. “Taking care of your couple is necessary, like a car must be maintained regularlyshe continues, The session allows you to put things straight, review your way of communicating, look for avenues and ideas to re-enchant your couple, find complicity.

Punctuated by teachings, testimonials, sharing times in small groups and even a meditation evening, this offer also leaves room for relaxation, time for two, for walks.

“We had registered in 2020, but, because of the Covid, we had to postpone”, explains Stéphanie, a divorced mother who is rebuilding her life with a watchmaker. They know the “geographical celibacy” during the week. They will participate in the October session. A gift they give themselves. “We are both craftsmen, in the same field, with long hours. Clients call on weekends, work eats us up sometimes, does she recognize. This will be an opportunity to talk about ourselves in the context of in-depth listening, to discuss our needs, to say what we would like to change, with respect for each other, and to enrich our lives with little rituals and precious appointments. »

Gain momentum

“We got into the habit of taking a break for both of us every 10 years, confides in turn Patricia, married for 26 years, mother of three children aged about twenty. I am a naturopath, my husband is a market gardener. Our particularity is to work together. I help him at the store we set up. We take a lot of problems home, where we talk a lot about work. But we have our places of personal commitment, it is essential! »

They followed the session in 2021, and Patricia relishes the benefits: “It allowed us to reunite, renew our commitment and regain momentum. We have seen what endured and what eroded over time; how to be more available to each other. The session, which has a very joyful side, gives tools to come face to face, learn to say what has been difficult and realize that we sometimes get annoyed for something that is not very important. » Since then, they have been careful to reserve a weekday evening for the two of them: “But we should do it more often,” smiles Patricia.

To know
Session “Couple and job, what balance do we want?” open to all couples, married or not, blended or not, believers or not, with the greatest respect for everyone’s opinions, in professional activity or looking for a job, or as a volunteer. From October 14 to 16, 2022, at Maison Saint-François, in Dinard (35). Info. : fondacio.fr

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With Fondacio, a weekend to take care of your couple

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