When hypersensitivity disturbs schooling

TESTIMONIALS – Back to school is not always easy for the hypersensitive. Their anxieties born in primary school pursue them during their studies.

“The behavior of my mistress pissed me off.” Marine, 24, now works in a communication agency. But at 10, the young woman began therapy, which will last a year. Her primary years turn out to be far away, but it is impossible for the young woman to forget what she felt at the time. According to her, it is her hypersensitivity that is the cause of her discomfort. What is called hypersensitivity is not a disease but is manifested by certain behaviors: excessive empathy, a feeling of being out of step, overflowing creativity, hyperesthesia, i.e. an accentuation of sensitivity which transforms certain sensations into pain, a need for solitude, increased stress. It is common for hypersensitive people to show themselves to have HPI (high intellectual potential), but this is not systematic. This would concern 20% of the population according to the American psychologist Elaine Aron who explored this notion in the 90s, and wrote Those people who are afraid of being afraid: Understanding hypersensitivity better (editions of the man). For Isabelle Pailleau, clinical psychologist, hypersensitivity consists of showing overdeveloped reactions to one’s environment. “A particularly sensitive character, which can suffer from excessive agitation, noise, light or even stress. So many elements that are frequently found in the school grounds,” she adds.

“Hypersensitive people are often perceived as susceptible, soup in milk, it is rather necessary to understand their reactions”Isabelle Pailleau, psychologist

At school, too much empathy is not necessarily easy to live with. Marine felt a strong compassion for her comrades. So she particularly suffered from the behavior of her CM2 teacher: “One of my friends was not very tall, she systematically asked him to wipe the board before recovering, exclaiming “oh no, you’re too small”, it made me sick”, she reports. And to continue: “At the beginning of the school year, she told us that we were too bad and that half will not reach the sixth”. His repeated remarks particularly affect the little girl. “Hypersensitive people are often perceived as susceptible, soup in milk, it is rather necessary understand their reactions»commented Isabelle Pailleau.

So many anxieties that can contribute to a school blockage. “At every start, I was afraid of falling on teachers who would attack me, I invariably apprehended this day”, continues Marine. And to entrust: “I have known some of them, not very sympathetic, and each time, that blocked me, I turned out to be bad in the subjects in question”.

In higher education, things don’t work out, quite the contrary

“We are emotional sponges”, testifies Léa, 22 years old, who enters this year in master 2 in events. The young woman has had repeated anxiety attacks since primary school. Crises amplified during the college years, a period when “students are naughty”, she says. In higher education, things don’t work out, quite the contrary. “It happened to me especially when there were too many people, movement, information. I remember a presentation in the third year of the license, I had to present my work standing, in front of the class and I started to hyperventilate”. For these students, each return to school becomes problematic: “I ask myself a lot of questions, with whom I will be, how it will happen, if I will fit in”, continues Léa. Estelle, 25, a work-study student in publishing, lives speaking out like an ordeal, plagued by anxiety, with “daily crises between the 4th and the second year of higher education”. “I felt out of step with the other students, we didn’t have the same interests, the others thought about smoking and drinking, I preferred to talk about music or TV shows”. It’s not always easy to feel different. A behavior that if we are not careful can continue throughout the studies, even the professional life. To remedy this, Isabelle Pailleau advises “meditation and relaxation exercises, even psychological care”. Because if hypersensitivity is not a disease, it can disturb schooling.

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When hypersensitivity disturbs schooling

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